Shaniqua Tompkins Net Worth

Shaniqua Tompkins Net Worth

The actress, who has a net worth of $3 million, has enjoyed a decade-long acting career. During that time, she lived a lavish lifestyle, which was reflected in her extensive net worth. In addition, she is accused of bilking 50 Cent of $50 million, for which he allegedly received $2.4 million in New York real estate. Tompkins has two children, a son and a daughter. She was born and raised in Queens, New York. She has black hair and brown eyes.

Shaniqua Tompkins has a son and a daughter

Shaniqua Tompkins is a single mom who raised both her children alone. She is very active on social media and frequently shares pictures of her kids with her fans. The mother of two was born in Queens, New York, and she holds American nationality. She has curly black hair and brown eyes.

Shaniqua Tompkins is the ex-girlfriend of rapper 50 Cent. They dated in the 1990s and had a son, Marquise, together. However, their relationship did not last. When they divorced, Tompkins filed a lawsuit for $50 million but the judge dismissed the case.

The mother of two children, Shaniqua Tompkins is the proud mother of two kids, a son and a daughter. She has a daughter named Mia, whose father is unknown, and a son, Marquise, born on October 13, 1996. After her divorce from 50 Cent, she raised her two children on her own.

She is a co-host of a podcast

Shaniqua Tompkins is a former model and co-host of the podcast “2 Queens From Queen.” She and co-host Liza Morales are both advocates for women’s rights and have social media handles. Tompkins’ Instagram handle is @shaniqua_tompkins, her Twitter handle is @shaniquatompkins, and she has a Facebook page, too. However, she doesn’t have a Snapchat account.

Tompkins’ podcast “2 Queens From Queen” promotes women’s issues, particularly those facing women of color. Her podcast aims to empower and reaffirm the role of women of color in society. She has also been married to 50 Cent, who is famous for his messy breakups with baby mamas. However, there are reports of bad blood between the two.

Tompkins is a former model and actress who co-hosts the podcast “2 Queens From Queen.” She has been in the public eye for her activism on women’s issues and has been in the media regularly.

She is a single mother

Aside from being a model, singer, and actress, Shaniqua Tompkins is also a single mother who has two children. Her daughter, Mia Jackson, was born before she met 50 Cent, a rapper. She raised her children as a single mother and often posts pictures of her children on social media. Tompkins’ son, Sire Tompkins, is also an accomplished model, having begun his career at the age of two.

Tompkins was born in Queens, New York on September 17, 1975. She was once involved in a relationship with 50 Cent, and was the mother of his son, Marquise. However, the two separated in 2008, and Shaniqua has raised her two children on her own. Her net worth is currently unknown. In addition to being a successful model, Shaniqua is also a well-known reality television star.

Her income is currently unclear, as her business ventures and employment status are kept private. However, she is expected to appear on a new reality television series, called Starter Wives, which stars famous ex-celebrities.

She has amassed a respectable sum of money through her job and other avenues

Shaniqua Tompkins is a young mother of two children who has amassed a respectable net worth through her job and other avenues. The rapper 50 Cent was once reported to have promised to take care of Tompkins and her child for $50 million. The rapper was shot nine times in 1995, and Tompkins claims to have nursed him back to health. Her net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

Tompkins has remained secretive about her employment and business ventures, but she will be appearing in the reality series Starter Wives on TLC, which will feature the wives of famous ex-celebrities. Although Tompkins’ social media accounts are not active, there is no evidence to suggest that she is dating anyone since her split from 50 Cent.

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