Shade And Shore Beach Bag

Shade and Shore Beach Bags

Beach bags are a necessary part of any summer wardrobe, so it’s no surprise that we’re loving this season’s crop of cute options. From oversized embroidered totes to striped buckets and baskets, there’s something for everyone – no matter your style or preference.

Aside from being practical, the best beach bags are also a stylish statement. The right bag will help make a casual outfit feel a little more fancy, and it can even add a pop of color or a bit of texture to your overall look.

If you’re not looking to haul your entire closet with you on the sand, this petite straw handbag is a good option. Not only does it hold all of your essentials, but it looks like a beach accessory you could have picked up in the islands thanks to the pretty beaded handle. It’s a fan favorite of affordable fashion influencer Jaime Shrayber, who recently paired it with an embroidered straw hat from Hat Attack to create a chic look.

This canvas tote is the perfect size for a beach day, with room to stow your towel, sunscreen, swimsuit, coverup and more. The interior zip pocket helps keep items secure, and the straps are adjustable for a comfortable fit on your shoulder or crossbody.

You can also use a beach bag as an everyday purse to keep your hands free and make the most of your busy days. The wide base of this tote makes it easy to carry around without bending over, and the faux leather handles are comfortable to hold.

If you’re not going to the beach, use your tote to stow away all of your other summer essentials and tote it into the grocery store for a quick errand. The insulated design keeps your drinks cold, and the padded handles are soft on your wrists.

Another way to use your beach bag is to stow away all your summer craft supplies. Fill it with paper, yarn, and stickers for a quick and easy crafting project on the go.

Then, when you’re not using it at the beach, you can display it on a hook and use it as a storage receptacle for your seasonal clothes, kitchen items and toiletries.

It can also double as a picnic basket, so you’ll never run out of places to set down your snacks or beverages while you’re at the park. This wicker tote is available in multiple colors and has enough space for your towels, sunnies and any other small items you need for a day on the beach or out at the park.

If you want a more durable and practical option, this mesh tote from Shade & Shore is the perfect choice. Its ripstop construction is made to be resistant to water and sand, and it has nine pockets that allow you to organize your stuff. It comes in a variety of colors, and you can even buy a few extra for storing other items or to share with friends.

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