Seraphs Last Stand Best Build

Seraph’s Last Stand Best Build

Seraph’s Last Stand, a rogue-like shooter, is reminiscent of the flash era classic, “Heli Attack.” The game features 40+ unique items including secret weapons, staves, hats, and more. You can also compete against other players at national and international ranks by using the leaderboard system. You have many customization options that can be used to make your character look exactly how you want.

The best build for this game depends on how you play the game. In the early levels, it is difficult to survive because the damage is low, so you need to be patient and clear a lot of waves. Once you have earned enough skill points, you can begin to build the final build. This build can slow you down so it is recommended that you use Frozen Tip staff and the Streamer upgrade to increase your damage quickly.

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