Sarcone Olive

The Sarcone Olive – A Heirloom Variety From Saracena Italy

Olive trees are an iconic element of Mediterranean landscape. Sicily boasts particularly lush olive groves that thrive under its ideal natural conditions and soil morphological characteristics, producing Extra Virgin Olive Oils with special organoleptic characteristics.

Among the varieties used to craft Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Saracene olives stand out with their vibrant flavor without an intense bitterness.

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Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuola and Biancolilla olive cultivars dominate Sicilian landscapes dominated by olive trees; each yielding Extra Virgin Olive Oils with distinct organoleptic characteristics. Lampante oil was traditionally used for food, cleaning wool and lubricating machines (hence its names “lampante oil” and ogghiu pi lu lumi “the oil that lights”). Olive oil could also be applied directly onto forehead as a remedy against migraines while warm oil applied directly onto chest could help combat arthromyalgia.

Olive trees and their fruit have an important place in Mediterranean culture and religion, both culturally and religiously. Olive branches symbolize peace and fertility – as told in Noah’s flood tale: ‘And the dove flew back carrying an olive branch in its beak. The Christian tradition uses oil pressed from olives as part of Christian ceremonies as an act of communion.

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The Saracene Olive tree is one of the oldest living organisms on Earth. Estimates put its age at over 2000 years and serve as evidence to its longevity and ability to adapt to diverse climates and conditions.

The olive tree has long been recognized as a symbol of peace and fertility, being mentioned numerous times throughout Scripture and being utilized for various religious rites. Furthermore, its branches are frequently utilized in healing practices to treat ulcers or reduce blood pressure – its oil was even once known as lampante oil or “ogghiu pi lu lumi”

Olive farming relies on several factors, including temperature tolerance and water consumption, so it is imperative that we protect these delicate trees from global warming and other environmental changes.

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Heirloom variety from Saracena Italy, this olive variety is known for producing large-size fruit with high oil content for making delicious salt-cured Kalamata style olives. A vigorous yet tough tree that tolerates cold hardy climates well while producing aromatic high quality oil.

The Campbells source premium saracene olives for their hand bottled products from their family’s farm in Naro, Sicily, Italy. Olives grown and processed according to organic farming regulations with protected geographical indication IGP SICILIA certification are used.

The Olive Oilerie franchise in the US, owned and run by a family business that boasts the largest hand bottler of premium oils and vinegars in the country, was featured on Shark Tank in 2016. They strive to deliver exceptional, freshly made olive oil across America – spreading excellence as widely as possible!

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