Saddleback Daves

Saddleback Daves Are a Pack of Well-Suited Up and Comeers

Saddleback Leather Company is a world-renowned line of high-end leather goods founded by Dave Munson from Portland, Oregon in 2000. Since then, they have achieved widespread recognition as one of the premier brands worldwide.

Dave and Suzette dedicate a substantial portion of their profits to supporting missionaries around the world, an attitude which has its roots in their family’s values.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

One of the greatest challenges in today’s fast-paced workweeks is finding enough time to stay engaged with your ever growing staff. That’s why Dave and Suzette are such well-dressed professionals; they boast an impressive list of company awards and accolades, including winning top spot in their industry. But most importantly, Dave and Suzette ooze cool professionalism with a smile; they manage to have fun while still taking care of their growing family.

Achievement and Honors

Saddleback Leather CEO Dave Munson stands out in the small business world. The company produces world-class leather products and employs some 230 people in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. A visit to their headquarters feels like taking a leisurely walk through an upscale mall; however, working for such an established entity offers employees plenty of perks such as access to internal social activities and awards. Working at Saddleback Leather has certainly been rewarding for Dave; after all, he has won several accolades himself!

Personal Life

Dave Munson grew up in a quiet American family. However, after working as an English teacher in Mexico for three years, he traded that for an exciting life of travel. He and his dog Blue lived off the grid in a $100 apartment without hot water for three years while fighting bulls in Mexican bullfights until being sent to die by federale.

Dave came to realize that business is more than just about making money; it’s about love and giving back to society. So he opened a factory in Mexico that offers their employees free daycare and schooling for their children.

Saddleback Leather has earned itself a place of honor among leather product brands worldwide, producing some of the highest-quality bags made with top-notch materials. Their bags come in an array of styles, from Indiana Jones backpacks to cool canvas options.

Net Worth

Dave Munson is the CEO and founder of Saddleback Leather, a premium leather products company located in Azle, Texas. He got his start when he was an English teacher in Southern Mexico who told a leather worker that he wanted a bag so durable that he could pass it down to his grandkids.

Now, Saddleback is renowned for its exceptionally high-quality bags and other merchandise. However, it’s not just about making money; Munson and his wife Suzette are passionate about giving back too. Through Love 41, they help fight genocide and poverty in Africa through philanthropy. It is no surprise why Saddleback’s brand has such a loyal customer base; their business philosophy revolves around creating an impactful company which has made them one of the most successful businesses globally.

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