Ryan Kerrigan Net Worth

Ryan Kerrigan Net Worth

Ryan Kerrigan is an American football coach and former outside linebacker. He is currently an assistant defensive line coach with the Washington Commanders in the National Football League. His net worth is currently estimated at $5 million. His net worth comes from coaching football and from his career as a defensive end and outside linebacker.

Patrick Ryan Kerrigan

Patrick Ryan Kerrigan is an American football coach. He is a former outside linebacker and defensive end who is now an assistant defensive line coach with the Washington Commanders of the National Football League. His net worth is estimated at $700,000. This is an impressive amount of money for a coach who has worked so hard to become so successful.

Kerrigan’s net worth grew significantly after he made the Pro Bowl in 2012. In the 2014 offseason, he was named the Big Ten’s All-Conference first team. In addition, he won the Big Ten’s Defensive Lineman of the Year award. Afterwards, he was also awarded the Bill Willis Trophy for best defensive lineman in college. Following his success in college, Kerrigan went on to play professionally for the Washington Redskins. He was drafted in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. In May 2015, he signed a five-year contract worth $57.5 million.

Washington Redskins

Ryan Kerrigan is an American football coach and former outside linebacker and defensive end. He is currently an assistant defensive line coach for the Washington Commanders in the National Football League. In addition to coaching the Washington Commanders, Kerrigan also serves as an athletic trainer and is a motivational speaker.

Kerrigan’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. His high-profile career included being named the Big Ten’s all-time leader in forced fumbles with 12. In 2010, Kerrigan was named first-team All-Big Ten and won the Bill Willis Trophy as the top defensive lineman in college. His professional football career took him to the Washington Redskins, where he played from 2011 to 2021. After signing his rookie contract, Kerrigan was paid $8.72 million over four years.

Although he announced his retirement from football in July of this year, Kerrigan still has a large net worth. The player will be able to enjoy his earnings for the rest of his life. He was born on August 16, 1988 and will turn 34 years old next month. He is 6’4″ tall and weighs 260 pounds.

Instagram salary income

In order to earn the most money from his Instagram, Ryan Kerrigan has to spend a lot of time interacting with the audience. However, his lifestyle is not as extravagant as many people might think. He lives in a modest apartment with his childhood friend and is trying to save money where he can. He also endorses several products, including Pepsi and Nulo Pet Food. Kerrigan and his wife Jessica married in March 2018 in Huntington Beach, California. They share two daughters.

Ryan Kerrigan is a managing director at Kerrigan Advisors, an investment advisory firm. His work focuses on strategic consulting, capital raising, private equity/family office investor relations, and US buy/sell transaction work. In addition to being an NFL star, Kerrigan has also appeared in local commercials and movies. In fact, he played the role of Garber, a NASA technician, in the hit film Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No. He is one of the most popular athletes in the country. In fact, his birthday falls on August 16 every year.


Ryan Kerrigan is an American football defensive end. He played for the Washington Redskins from 2010 to 2015 and made four Pro Bowls. He also averaged ten sacks per season and was only 1.5 sacks shy of passing Dexter Manley for the most sacks in a season.

After a long career, Kerrigan has retired from the NFL. He spent his last season with the Philadelphia Eagles. On Friday, he announced his retirement from football. He was drafted 16th overall in the 2011 NFL Draft. He was a four-time Pro Bowl selection and a four-year starter for the Redskins. Kerrigan was an iconic figure on the team regardless of its success or failure. Among other achievements, he holds the record for the most sacks with the Redskins. His sack totals put him in the league’s top five, and he is set to pass Dexter Manley’s record by the end of 2020. During his career, Kerrigan compiled a career-high 146 sacks and was tied for the league’s lead in forced fumbles.

The Washington Commanders didn’t have much luck with Kerrigan in the playoffs. He made it to the Wild Card round three times, but each time they got bounced in the Wild Card round. Kerrigan, however, remains one of the most impactful linebackers of his generation. He currently ranks ninth in career sacks and has the ninth-most in the league. Unfortunately, he didn’t end up in the Hall of Fame, despite his great talent and hard work.


In 2013, Kerrigan signed a four-year contract with the New York Jets. The contract included a marking reward of $4.84 million. His professional debut came in a game against the New York Giants. In that amusement, he recovered a pass diversion and made five consolidated handles. In 2011, Kerrigan played 16 recreations for the Redskins, totaling 65 joined handles.

Ryan Kerrigan’s NFL career has been a successful one. He’s one of the all-time leaders in sacks and forced fumbles for the Washington Redskins. Prior to joining the NFL, he attended Purdue University. There, he earned a unanimous All-American selection and first-team All-Big Ten honors. During his rookie year, he finished with 41 tackles and 7.5 sacks. In addition, he broke the team’s record for most sacks.

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