Roger Daniels

Roger Daniels – A Lifelong Advocate for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial

Roger Daniels was an ardent supporter of Washougal and its schools through volunteer activities such as announcing soccer and basketball games. He contributed $51 million for remodel of Washougal High School as part of fundraising campaign; also being active on Camas-Washougal Chamber’s “Citizen of the Year” committee as well as Lewis & Clark Bicentennial advisory board.

Early Life and Education

Roger was raised in a family that placed great value on education. He earned scholarships to Yale University where he graduated magna cum laude and Penn School of Medicine; later earning his Ph.D in history from UCLA with his doctoral dissertation exploring anti-Japanese movements at the turn of the 20th century in California.

He was an accomplished writer, publishing many works about immigration and Japanese American culture – most notably “Not Like Us” and “Guarding the Golden Door.” Additionally, he served as president for both Gilded Age & Progressive Era Society and Immigration History Society.

Roger’s groundbreaking scholarship dismantled the myth of military necessity used to justify Japanese American internment during World War II. His research inspired activists such as Edison Uno and Sue Kunitomi Embrey, while also participating in redress efforts by testifying before Congress.

Professional Career

He possesses an intense passion for knowledge, taking immense pleasure in sharing it with students and residents alike. Additionally, his detailed explanations bring comfort to patients.

Daniels led the ABA in rebounding three times during his nine-season ABA career and averaged double-doubles on an annual basis.

Daniels continued writing about the Japanese American experience well into his later years. Together with UCLA scholar Harry Kitano, he organized a conference that explored wartime incarceration. Daniels wrote an essay entitled “Words Do Matter” challenging use of “internment” as an umbrella term to describe government actions; subsequent research from his team helped shape how scholars approached this issue.

He served his community through many roles; from speaking out on behalf of Washougal Schools Foundation stride to serving on vocational advisory committee to ensure quality professional and technical programs at WHS; to being a generous donor to Clark College.

Achievement and Honors

Daniels not only excelled in innovative research, but was also an advocate of public engagement among scholars, encouraging them to use their work for greater good. Through the redress movement he exposed government deceit in cases supporting wartime removal and internment of Japanese Americans; additionally providing invaluable research commentary for several influential films including Steven Okazaki’s 1984 PBS documentary Conscience and the Constitution (which won an Emmy award).

James was an active community member, helping raise money for Washougal Schools while serving on the Camas-Washougal Chamber of Commerce board and as Fire District Commissioner – both at times chairing committees like Washington State Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Advisory Committees in 2006. In 2001 he was honored as Camas-Washougal Citizen of the Year.

Personal Life

Roger was an outstanding physician known and appreciated by his patients. Always going the extra mile, he would do anything he could to provide assistance when necessary. Additionally, Roger served his community by serving as fire district commissioner and chairing its Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Advisory Committee.

He was an influential scholar of immigration history and Japanese American history whose writings challenged the myth of military necessity that was used to justify mass extermination and imprisonment of Japanese Americans.

He will be greatly missed, and we offer our sincerest condolences to his wife Judith and family at this difficult time. His legacy of scholarship and service will live on.

Net Worth

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Money can come in various forms. One source was Stormy Daniels’ $1 million payout for her silence regarding an alleged 2006 sexual encounter between President Donald Trump and her, or it can come through impressive careers such as that of Roger Daniels (an accomplished historian who published influential works on immigration history as well as challenging government narratives of military necessity during WWII internment of Japanese Americans), among many others; his son Richard Devon Daniels owns at least 284 units of SIVB stock worth more than $37,350 as of 30 January 2023.

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