Robin David

Robin David

Robin David is an artist whose pieces explore our relationship with objects. She often draws inspiration from her own childhood experiences, particularly a boob mug she had as a child.

In 2019, she and her husband David relocated from California to Arizona. Now, they work with a house of refuge ministry and serve as city directors for Love Life Phoenix.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood development is an incredibly critical period in human growth and development. How a child is nurtured, educated, and socialized during this time will have a lasting effect on their future health and well-being.

ECE is an ever-evolving field that draws upon many theories to inform how we educate children. Notable figures such as Jean Rousseau and Erikson have had significant influences on this field.

These educators believed that each stage of a child’s psychosocial development requires specific skillsets and should be supported. Furthermore, they believed the environment a child experiences during this period is essential for their growth and development. Furthermore, they stressed the importance of school-family partnerships as key elements of early education, something which should be prioritized throughout all phases of a child’s life.

Professional Career

Robin is a former Air Force attorney who now defends clients in complex commercial disputes and employment litigation. Her broad legal knowledge allows her to assist her clients navigate and resolve their disputes quickly and efficiently.

She has extensive litigation and trial experience in state and federal courts. Her practice encompasses complex business disputes, trade secret and non-compete litigation, discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination claims.

She is a frequent speaker and writer on workplace issues, as well as representing clients in various employment-related matters such as contract drafting and negotiation, severance agreements, employment policies and procedures, as well as defending employers in workplace investigations.

Achievement and Honors

South Mississippi native Robin David has earned many honors throughout her career, but one of the most prestigious was recently bestowed upon her by Radio Television Digital News Foundation on March 8 in Washington D.C. Roberts was awarded with their Lifetime Achievement Award on March 8.

On the heels of her 20th anniversary on Good Morning America, she has been honored with this accolade and shared a video message on social media celebrating all of her successes. It’s an apt testament to all that she has achieved over these past two decades.

Robin’s accomplishments are truly remarkable, but her dedication to education is truly remarkable. Her scholarship, teaching and mentoring all revolve around diversity and equity principles while she has served as an inspiration to countless students – these are just a few reasons why Robin deserves one of the AAG’s highest awards.

Personal Life

Robin met David at a Foster Youth of Idaho picnic when he was 17; they have since become close friends and Robin considers him her son.

She’s proud of him and the good he’s doing for other kids, but she knows he also struggles with dark thoughts.

On the way home, he shares with her his plan to lose weight. Although it won’t be an easy journey, he is determined to achieve it.

He’s uncertain if therapy will work, but he is striving to stay focused on the right things. He plans to continue seeing therapy and avoid falling back into old habits of overeating.

Today is weigh-in day for Michael and he weighs in at 719, down from last month’s 733. However, he still doesn’t feel that he has lost enough weight to warrant surgery.

Net Worth

Robin David boasts a net worth of $35 million, making her one of the wealthiest female news anchors.

Roberts is the co-anchor of ABC’s “Good Morning America.” She was born in Alabama and grew up in Mississippi before graduating from Southern Louisiana University.

She was the first journalist to broadcast from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, earning $6 million a year and authoring three books.

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