Rick Oliver

Rick Oliver

Rick Oliver is a talented teacher, but sometimes can be tough on his students. He administers many tests and doesn’t hesitate to assign low grades.

As a child, Oliver teams up with Artful Dodger and other boys to learn pickpocketing from Fagin. However, when their gang is caught by Brownlow he intervenes on Oliver’s behalf to save his freedom.

Early Life and Education

Rick was a graduate of North Platte High School and retired as a Brakeman-Conductor for Union Pacific Railroad. In his free time he enjoyed military history, reading, collecting Coca Cola products and trains as well as attending University of Kentucky football, basketball and baseball games regularly. Furthermore, he was very involved with youth programs at his church and community.

He sought to understand people not simply from a clinical viewpoint based on demographics, physical descriptors or sexual orientation, but from all aspects of their existence. His goal was to live by the maxim “The sky is the limit”, an approach which led to extraordinary literary success – his book Awakenings found an eager following among general readers as well.

Professional Career

Oliver is an expert in business strategy and the impact of emerging technologies, regularly contributing his insight to leading business publications as a columnist and authoring books about this subject matter. Additionally, he has advised numerous businesses on strategic management and global marketing matters.

He has extensive experience representing acquirers, targets, private equity funds and financial advisors in significant acquisitions and divestitures involving public acquisitions as well as internal reorganizations activities. Furthermore, he regularly advises firm clients regarding joint ventures or strategic alliances.

Oliver hails from Schroeder, Texas where he grew up fishing Port O’Connor, Seadrift, Indianola and everywhere in between with his family of fishermen. At high school he joined both baseball team as well as helping operate his father’s boat as three man crew.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver had an extraordinary ability to quickly form bonds with everyone he met, from his quick wit and bushy mustache, which made him impossible to forget, to his infectious passion for life that spread like wildfire across his surroundings. His enthusiasm was contagious!

He was an ardent champion for CSU and its mission, devoting much of his energy and time toward campus initiatives. As an advocate and tireless fundraiser for the university, his efforts helped form strong and trusting relationships with donors.

He took his role as law partner seriously, acting as an excellent mentor to his colleagues and always making them feel welcome in the firm. He loved surprising them with gifts, especially at annual BBQ’s! In his free time he enjoyed reading history books, playing music and collecting Coca Cola products and trains.

Personal Life

Capt. Rick Oliver grew up in Schroeder, Texas – located between Victoria and Goliad – watching his grandparents fish Port O’Connor, Seadrift and Indianola with their boat dubbed “Three Man Operation.” At 17, his own vessel came complete and became part of his “three man operation”.

He did not come from an affluent family but still managed to build an accomplished practice on his own. Now living with his wife and two daughters in Houston, Texas – Bay fishing is among his favourite pastimes as is taking out their Floral City Airboat together as well as working on cars and playing computer games; in fact he even enjoys following Texas Tech football!

Net Worth

As an established comedian and writer, Oliver’s net worth has been estimated at $35 Million. He enjoys an enormous following due to his many appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and hosting Last Week Tonight on HBO.

He has appeared in various TV shows such as Greendale Community College and provided his voice for animated movies such as Smurfs, Lion King and Rick and Morty. Additionally, he served in the U.S. Army before going on to work with veterans’ organizations.

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