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Solo Jack Chan’s Reate JACK Folding Knife

Solo Jack Chan presents the Reate JACK: an integral folding knife featuring milled titanium handle featuring marble carbon fiber inlays and satin finished Bohler M390 steel blade, all suspended on double row ceramic ball bearings for satisfying opening action. An ideal upgrade to any EDC.

Early Life and Education

Jack was raised in a family that valued education. She credits both of her parents with giving her opportunities to further her studies – her father being a World War II veteran and Cranston school janitor who eventually become custodial supervisor, while her mother ensured their children received the best education available to her budget.

Jack attended Choate, an elite boarding school for teenage boys in Connecticut, where she played football and other sports. It was at Choate where she met her future husband; shortly thereafter they married shortly thereafter.

Jack attended UC-Berkeley as one of the first Native students and helped organize the Occupation of Alcatraz in 1969. Later she would become president of Indigenous Visions Network a non-profit offering consulting and educational training (LinkedIn) (Pokibro 2019). (Pokibro 2019).

Professional Career

Reate Knives’ JACK is an integral frame lock flipper designed to showcase their fit, finish, and design capabilities. Crafted with blue anodized integral titanium frame with dual marbled carbon fiber inlays for a premium aesthetic and an ergonomic tip-up titanium clip for tip-up carry, plush zipper storage pouch, drawstring carry bag patch extra hardware and microfiber cloth – it demonstrates all they are capable of!

Personal Life

He is an engaging, friendly man with a flair for public speaking who enjoys making life entertaining and lively.

He sports short blue hair and pale blue eyes, having previously been held prisoner by the Marchens before joining Dawn. Due to sustaining permanent anemia from using his blood for everything from soothing Alice down to firing the Mary Gun, his skin remains pale as a result.

Jack decided not to serve in World War II like his older brother Joe did; instead he worked as a custodial worker in Cranston schools and movie studios while taking advantage of the GI Bill to further his education at Choate and Harvard. Additionally, while playing football he ruptured a disk in his spine that never fully healed up again.

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