Ralph Thomas

Ralph Thomas

Ralph Thomas was an extraordinary scientist with an unparalleled command of English. As a mentor, he helped those he guided write more readable and understandable prose.

Atwood directed numerous films under his own direction, such as an adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 version of The 39 Steps called Remake (1970). Additionally, more serious pieces including Conspiracy of Hearts and No Love for Johnny can be seen among them.

Early Life and Education

Ralph was born in Sturgis, Michigan to Ernest Roy Thomas and Alice Mae Fey and graduated from Wolcottville High School in 1943. Following that he served on both Smithton School Board for nine years as well as Farmers Mutual Insurance board as Vice President – becoming an active member of New Hope Baptist Church along the way.

He was widely recognized for his extensive scientific contributions, particularly his expertise in English and helping colleagues communicate more efficiently via writing. This included significantly improving radiation protection literature by encouraging authors to write more clearly and succinctly.

He is survived by daughters Gwyn Trull and Sara MacIntyre of Gresham, Oregon as well as Kyle MacIntyre – his grandson – as well as many siblings, nieces and nephews.

Professional Career

He was an expert in his field and lectured widely across the United States, Europe, and Asia. He served on the editorial boards of Health Physics and Radiation Protection Dosimetry publications; wrote numerous articles and book chapters; was instrumental in training new accelerator health physicists; published NCRP Report No. 144 entitled Radiation Protection for Particle Accelerator Facilities.

He attended Saint Catherine’s High School in Kenosha, WI before playing football for USF from 1948-1951 as a 5’11”, 175 lb defensive end – making him one of the toughest players of his day per pound!

He directed various films for Rank, such as the man-on-the-run thriller The Clouded Yellow (1950). Following that success he went on to direct more risque Comedies of the Lot with Dirk Bogarde and Peter Finch.

Achievement and Honors

Ralph Thomas was widely recognized as swimming’s inaugural historian. His tireless dedication to researching and documenting every written or illustrated work about swimming resulted in an outstanding body of work that stands the test of time.

He also served on the editorial board of Health Physics and Radiation Protection Dosimetry, during which time he greatly enhanced radiation protection research by helping authors craft more readable prose.

Ralph was not only known for his research and writing; he was an incredible leader as well. Exhibiting quiet strength with passion, Ralph held firm membership of the Roman Catholic Church while showing tremendous tolerance toward those of different beliefs. Additionally, he loved black Labradors and square dancing; Carlethia would later pass him away after 50 years together. Ralph will always be missed. Carlethia survived him, along with their daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Personal Life

Ralph Thomas has kept his personal life under wraps; he remains unmarried and childless. Currently single and enjoying traveling extensively. Ralph owns “Travelwide”, an agency located in Denville, New Jersey.

He began his film industry career as a clapper boy, quickly gaining experience across all production departments – particularly editing. During World War II he served in the 9th Lancers voluntary reserve unit and rose to major rank before returning to Gainsborough Studios as an editor/editorial assistant where his trailers impressed Sydney Box, leading him to receive his first directorial assignment.

Early films under his direction flopped, but his partnership with Betty Box – who died in 1999 – established a successful partnership that lasted over 30 years and led to several box office successes for Rank Organisation. They produced taut chase thriller The Clouded Yellow (1950), as well as Appointment With Venus (1951), an ironic take on postwar nostalgia for more heroic times.

Net Worth

Ralph Thomas estimated net worth is an estimated between $1-5 Million at age 90. Most of this wealth was amassed through acting, producing & directing.

After the success of Doctor at Large, Rank offered Thomas and Box an ambitious adventure filmmaking contract on location to target international markets: Campbell’s Kingdom (1957), A Tale of Two Cities (also 1958) and The Wind Cannot Read (1959). None met with similar financial success as their “Doctor” movies.

Ralph H Thomas currently serves as an Investment Advisor with Sarofim Trust Co, with 29 years of experience. Additionally, Ralph has held positions at Fayez Sarofim & Co, Sarofim Investment Management Company, and Sarofim Advisors Group Inc. He resides in Houston Texas.

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