Pso2 New Genesis Full Map

How to Play the PSO2 New Genesis Full Map

To play the PSO2 New Genesis Full Map, you first need to complete the Prologue. You can do this by completing all the quests until you unlock the Ryuker device, which allows you to transfer blocks. Once you have this device, you can explore all areas in the map.


In PSO2 New Genesis, the game has a variety of objectives for the player to complete. Some are more difficult than others, but all of them will return cash when completed. These objectives are also known as Side Missions. Completing them will also give you the ability to earn Skill Points.

PSO2 New Genesis is the sequel to Phantasy Star Online 2. It was released in August of 2022, as a large-scale update for the original game. It was first released on Xbox One and PC, and was later ported to PlayStation 4.

Trigger Portals

Trigger Portals in the PS2 New Genesis full map let players travel fast across the world. These portals can be found in areas marked as Battledia. Players can also use Ryuker Devices to move quickly across the map. By selecting these devices on the World Map, players can move quickly to any part of the map.

Battledia Quests

In the PS2 New Genesis game Battledia, you can engage in quests that can be extremely difficult and challenging. These quests can be completed as long as you have five Battle Triggers, which are keys to special portals scattered around Aelio. Completing them will test your skills and patience and will require you to work with a friend or group of players.

There are three types of Quests in the game. First, you can find quests in blue portals. These portals only appear during certain periods of time and may require a special Battle Trigger. Second, you can get rare drops by completing quests in purple, which are extremely challenging. Additionally, purple quests contain powerful Special Ability Capsules. The third type of quests is called a Drill. These quests can earn you gold prim swords and armor with a +20 rating.

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