Prewitt Funeral Home New Castle Kentucky

Prewitt Funeral Home New Castle Kentucky

The Prewitt Funeral Home was established by William “Bill” and Josephine Prewitt. It offers specialized funeral services. In addition, the funeral home must meet certain requirements, including the “Funeral Rule.” Read on to learn more about this family-owned business. In addition to its specialized services, the Prewitt Funeral Home is licensed by the state of Kentucky.

Prewitt Funeral Home was founded by William “Bill” and Josephine Prewitt

The Prewitt Funeral Home was founded in New Castle, Kentucky by William “Bill” and Josephine (Sadie) Prewitt in 1913. They served the community by establishing a funeral home and cemetery in the town. Their service is rooted in a strong sense of family. The family is known for their compassionate and dignified care.

The Prewitts had a family of nine children. Their son, Greg, and daughter, Lisa, have four children. Their sister, Edna Grater, has five children. The Prewitts’ grandchildren include Malachi and Riley Hawkins. Their nieces include Emily Leshnower, Bailey Dennis, and McKenzie Petrie.

William and Josephine Prewitt’s funeral home began by taking care of families. They had been serving the local community for many years and had a long and distinguished history. In 1915, the Prewitts moved to the small town of Sulphur and opened a funeral home in the area. Since then, the Prewitts have grown to serve families all over the area.

It provides specialized funeral services

Prewitt Funeral Home New Castle Kentucky provides many specialized funeral services, including traditional funerals, cremation, and military memorial services. The experienced staff guides families through the many aspects of the funeral service. If you have a loved one who lived a life of purpose, or a life filled with meaning, we can help you choose a service that will honor his or her life and legacy.

Dorothy Bennett passed away on April 13, 2019. She is survived by her husband Ralph Bennett, two daughters Whitney James and Preslie Reynolds, and two brothers Darrell Scriber and Connie Scriber. The services will be conducted by Revs. Michael Duncan and Dave Charlton, and burial will be in the New Castle cemetery.

The funeral services were held Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the chapel at Prewitt Funeral Home New Castle. She was a retired employee of Reliance Universal Concrete Company in Louisville. She was a member of Port Royal Methodist Church.

It is required to comply with the “Funeral Rule”

The “Funeral Rule” requires that licensed funeral homes adhere to a number of federal and state regulations in order to protect families making arrangements and purchasing funeral services. The rule covers all funeral homes and requires them to provide families with adequate information about their options. It does not apply to cemeteries that do not have an on-site funeral home.

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