Predator New Mutant Tires

Predator New Mutant X-RT Tires

The new Predator Mutant X-RT tire is the ultimate in off-road capability and traction. The optimized void-to-lug ratio and deep tread depth deliver unmatched off-road capability. With a range of 31 sizes that fit rims 32 inches to 42 inches, this tire can handle anything on the road.


Predator New Mutant X-RT tires are ideal for light trucks that want to be ready for all seasons. They are made with a special all season compound and feature a complex tread design. These treads contain different blocks with distinct biting edges, which provide excellent grip even in muddy or rocky terrain. They are also designed with a self-cleaning feature to prevent stone retention.

The tire’s reinforced internal construction allows it to retain excellent shape regardless of driving pressure and load. This construction also enhances the durability of the tire.


Predator New Mutant tires have a unique pattern that makes them perfect for rugged terrain. These tires are designed to provide all season traction in all weather conditions, making them ideal for light trucks. Their staggered tread blocks create a broken glass-like pattern that eliminates debris, while maintaining consistent surface contact for maximum grip and stability. The tread design also helps in maintaining uniform wear and tear and helps extend the service life of the tires.

This all-terrain tire is built for light trucks and SUVs and features dual-sidewall construction for versatility in any terrain. The wide, flat footprint and aggressive tread pattern help them provide solid grip on wet, dry, and muddy terrain. This tire is available in 31 sizes to fit vehicles with rims up to 42 inches.


Predator New Mutant X-RT tires feature a completely flat footprint for even load distribution. This feature reduces irregular wear in the tread and prolongs tire life. The tire’s high-grade rubber compound is also highly durable and helps slow tread wear. It also has a self-cleaning tread pattern that prevents stone retention and drilling into the tread.

The Mutant is a great choice for touring bikes, combining traction with mileage. Its aggressive tread pattern offers superior grip in both wet and dry conditions. This tire is available in a variety of sizes to fit over 250 motorcycle models. It also has a high mileage rating.

Stability on the road

The Predator New Mutant X-RT tire offers excellent all-season performance in a wide range of road conditions. Its all-season compound distributes driving pressure and load evenly, ensuring full stability in all conditions. The tire’s premium rubber compound also slows the rate at which it wears and extends tread life. The aggressive tread pattern also prevents side-slipping, while the irregular shape of the tread blocks ensures excellent cornering traction and stability.

The Predator New Mutant X-RT is a high-performance all-season tire designed for light trucks. Its complex tread design has different tread blocks and an optimized void ratio to ensure even traction and grip in all conditions. This tire also boasts a self-cleaning, durable design that minimizes stone retention.

Performance on rugged terrain

Predator New Mutant X-RT tires provide the ultimate in performance on rugged terrain. Their all-season traction compound ensures consistency of grip during all weather conditions, including wet and muddy terrain. The aggressive tread pattern offers a solid grip in wet and dry conditions, and includes shoulder blocks and siping on the upper sidewall to prevent side-slipping. These tires also offer improved cornering performance.

These tires feature an aggressive tread pattern that enhances traction and stability on muddy, soft, and uneven terrain. Their high-strength tread compound is also designed for enhanced traction and chip-cut resistance. These tires are ideal for those who cut their own trails, and their aggressive design is backed by extreme durability.

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