Pokemon Wall Art

Cool Pokemon Wall Art

If you’re a Pokemon fan, you might be interested in some of these cool Pokemon wall art designs. One fan even created the ultimate piece of wall art. The background is a Pokemon map, and in addition to the Pokemon characters, you’ll also find his collection of Game Boy games. It’s a beautiful display of his love for the game.

efren andaluz

A new piece of wall art is going up in a Huntington, New York neighborhood, thanks to a mural painted by local artist Efren Andaluz. The artist used 150 cans of spray paint and 10 days to paint all 151 first generation Pokemon. He then posted the project to Facebook and received 135,000 likes and 3,000 shares.

Born in Queens, Efren Andaluz was inspired by graffiti that he saw in his neighborhood. Growing up, he was surrounded by the booming, boom bap culture of Queens. The graffiti-covered walls of his neighborhood heightened his interest in hip-hop culture.

Efren Andaluz is a Whitman Class of 2006 alum and is known as Andaluz the Artist. His colorful murals have become popular in the mainstream. During his holiday break, he created a mural in WWHS that features diverse culture and color.

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