Poison Apple Mickey Ears

Evil Queen Poison Apple Mickey Ears

Apples have long been a symbol of immortality, temptation and wisdom. Yet one surprising fact about apples: they can actually be highly toxic if eaten whole.

Apple seeds are particularly hazardous, releasing cyanide into the bloodstream when crushed. According to Islamiyat Bolarinwa, a senior lecturer of food science at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology in Nigeria, an adult weighing 60 kilograms (132 pounds) would need to consume 25 whole apples before experiencing symptoms of cyanide poisoning.

That’s a lot of apples, but if you can resist the urge to consume them all at once, then your health will be in good hands. According to Bolarinwa, cyanide poisoning is actually quite rare and easy to avoid with proper record keeping if you know how to monitor your intake.

But for those of us who want to enjoy an apple a day without worrying about health complications, it might be best to go easy on the seeds. The only way to fully protect yourself from cyanide poisoning is by crushing up those seeds with your molars.

These no-sew Evil Queen Poison Apple Mickey Ears are so simple to make that even Disney fans can wear them at the parks! Download our free template below and you’ll have these adorable ears in no time.

Make these cute ears with red and white foam sheets, glitter foam sheets, ribbon trim, scissors and a hot glue gun! For added effect you’ll also need a headband!

Start by cutting a small rectangular shape of red foam. Next, create another larger rectangular shape with a bow on it, as well as adding glitter foam for the bow and ribbon trim to finish off the look! Once all your shapes are cut out, attach them onto your headband!

Once all pieces are secured, you can use a glue gun to fasten the poison apple to your ear. I recommend using a low temperature glue gun as it’s easier to work with and less likely to melt the foam.

Next, glue the glittery white poison apple on top of the red foam ear. Be sure there are no gaps between the red foam and white foam or else your poison apple could see through!

Finally, glue the ribbon trim around the edge of each ear. I recommend doing this on the inside rather than the outside as it will provide extra security.

This set of creepy and fun poison apple mickey ears is ideal for Halloween! Grab your favorite candy and prepare to be a spooktacular fan at Magic Kingdom this year!

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