Paul Teutul Jr Net Worth 2021

Paul Teutul Jr Net Worth 2021

In this article, you will learn the details of Paul Teutul jr’s net worth, his career on reality tv, and his marriage to Rachael Biester. In addition, you will learn the details about his net worth and his love life.

Paul Teutul jr net worth

Paul Teutul Jr. is an American tv personality. He has made a lot of money and is a family man. He and his wife Rachael have a son named Hudson. The couple bought a long-beach island home in 2020.

His net worth is estimated to be $10 million. His net worth is generated by his business of making custom motorcycles. He also makes branded apparel. Currently, he is based in New York. However, his net worth may increase further in the coming years. Currently, he is a businessman, but he also has a family.

Teutul first became popular after starring in American Chopper with his father and brother. His show was later moved to The Lifestyle Channel. In 2009, he was fired from the show due to a conflict with his father. He was later rehired, but he quit again after a few months. He was later a consultant for the series, which helped boost his net worth.

Paul Teutul sr’s marriage to Rachael Biester

Paul Teutul jr’s married Rachael Biester in 2010. The couple is the parents of a son, Hudson Seven Teutul. The couple met on the show “American Chopper.” Rachael Biester is a model and actress who has appeared on the show. They live in Rochester, New York.

The couple was married on August 20, 2010, at the Bonnet Island Estate boathouse. They had a lavish wedding with about 130 guests. Their wedding featured $28,000 worth of flower arrangements. The couple also opted for a six-tier pink velvet cake with lemon buttercream. The couple also gave Rachael a Mercedes as a wedding gift.

Paul Michael Teutul Jr. was born on October 2, 1974. He was an actor before becoming a chopper manufacturer. His father owned a business called American Chopper and he worked as a custom designer and fabricator for it. He later sued his father and started his own business called Paul Jr. Designs, which makes custom motorcycles and apparel. His business has been successful enough to allow him to live a luxurious life.

Paul sr’s divorce from Beth Ann Santos

It’s been a while since Paul Teutul Jr. and Beth Ann Santos divorced, but the divorce was finally finalized in December of 2018. The two were married in 2007 and had two children, Michael and Paul Teutul, together. Santos is a former reality TV star who appeared in the popular show American Chopper. They also had a small, private wedding. However, after the divorce, Teutul Jr. assumed custody of his children.

After their divorce, Beth Ann Santos is single and does not appear on social media anymore. She enjoys spending time with her family. Meanwhile, Paul Teutul Sr. has a number of fans and is known for his success as an actor. He founded Orange County Choppers, which was made famous in the reality TV series American Chopper.

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