Pastor Troy And Minnie

Little Women Season 3 Star Minnie Ross Is Pregnant With Pastor Troy’s Baby!

Little Women: Atlanta star Ashley “Minnie” Ross is reportedly pregnant with rapper Pastor Troy’s baby. TMZ reports that Minnie, whose real name is Ashley Ross, found out she was expecting during the show’s season 3 reunion episode and she couldn’t be happier.

According to a preview of the show’s March 23 episode obtained by Page Six, Ross confirms that she is expecting her first child with rapper Troy (real name Mica LeVar Troy) and he’s her baby daddy!

Minnie and Troy have been spotted out together in the past, but the two had never been formally linked. The pair were a little bit secretive, but fans have been wondering if they were dating.

The question was sparked when Ms. Minnie allegedly started posting pictures with her “boyfriend” Pastor Troy on social media. The 4’3 reality TV star was adamant that she and the rapper were dating for several months, but she never shared any details with her mother or her friends.

When the news of her relationship with Troy spread, the internet immediately went crazy, asking whether or not she was actually dating him and if he was the father of her unborn child. The rumor caused quite the drama on the show, with several cast members calling Minnie out for lying about her relationship with Troy and claiming that they were never in a relationship.

She was also accused of using fake names, sexing up a man named Nick, and even making a video about being dumped by her boyfriend. After a series of accusations, Ms. Minnie finally revealed that she and Troy had been in a romantic relationship for about 8 months.

It was a shocking revelation that got all of the ladies of the series very upset, but after talking to Minnie’s mom Tammie, they were all convinced she was telling the truth and she wasn’t trying to lie about her relationship with Troy. But it was Minnie’s confrontation with Ms. Juicy in Season 2 that really started to polarize the women on the show.

But when the confrontation came to a head at Tanya’s party, it really turned into a full-blown fight between the four ladies of the show. Tayna pulled out some sage to help clear the air, but before that happened, the fight was all about the deflated black balloon and what Minnie did to Monie and Juicy after she confronted her.

Despite being called a liar, Minnie was determined to stick to her story about having a relationship with Pastor Troy. It didn’t matter that many of her costars were skeptical about her claims, she pushed through and said she was in a relationship with Pastor Troy.

However, a few weeks later on the show, she told a different story about how she and Pastor Troy had been in an on-again, off-again relationship for a year, but that they had never really gone down that road.

After a few more episodes of Minnie’s stories, she finally admitted that she was not in fact pregnant with Pastor Troy’s baby. Now that she’s finally come clean, will the other ladies forgive her for her lies? I hope they do, because she did make a big mistake.

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