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If you are planning a party in New Paltz, NY, you can consider booking a party at P&G’s. The staff at P&G New Paltz makes planning the party a breeze. The establishment has 80 likes and 748 visitors. Read on to learn more about their history and renovations.


Renovations at P&G’s restaurant include an expansion of the kitchen and the bar, as well as adding new TV systems and sound systems. There will also be more space for kitchen storage. The bathrooms will be updated, and there will be a new women’s restroom. The renovations will take about 20 days to complete. The staff hopes the changes will improve their catering services.

P&G’s Tavern has been around for over a century. It first opened as a casino in 1900 and then evolved into a real estate office, drugstore, clothing store, and restaurant. The renovations were the first major overhaul in more than a decade. The Beck family has owned the place since 1985, and their son, Kristen, is now the general manager.

BP&G’s history

BP&G is a consumer product company with an interesting history. The company started out as a candle company but soon expanded into a diversified range of products. It also began advertising its products on radio and became one of the most well-known sponsors of daytime soap operas. In the television era, the company grew and expanded its product lines, adding detergents, shampoos, and toilet goods.

One of the most interesting facts about BP&G’s history is that it was founded in 1857. As of the current year, BP&G produces over 900 different products. This makes it a large corporation and the world’s largest consumer products company.

Kitchen line

P&G’s restaurant opened as a fifty-foot-by-twenty-foot two-story structure in the spring of 1900, but its owner wants to expand its cramped kitchen and prep kitchen. To do so, he plans to build an addition over two parking spots, with additional space along the bar. Originally known as The Casino, the restaurant’s original owner patterned it after the Boardmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.

Reopening after kitchen fire

After an August kitchen fire, the P and G New Paltz restaurant is reopening for business. The restaurant will serve a menu of house-made salumi and pasta. The menu also includes roasted marrow bone with spinach gnocchetti and pizza with spicy ‘nduja and black cabbage. For dinner, diners will have their pick from nine tables that can accommodate up to thirty people.

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