Overhang Jacks

Overhang Jacks Are the Contractor’s Best Friend

Overhang jacks are essential in cutting concrete forming costs and speeding up installation times of bridge overhang formwork quickly and efficiently. Made of safe yet sturdy material, they make installation easier while some models even feature assembly as part of a gang assembly for even quicker setup time.

The EFCO C67 Tie Bar Beam Clip Pre-stress Hanger is a half bracket featuring a 90 degree interlock end. Welded directly onto the strut wire, this product can accommodate a 2-1/2″ haunch.

Net Worth

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Assets typically include cash in checking or savings accounts, investments and assets of monetary value such as homes and vehicles. Liabilities consist of credit cards balances, mortgage balances, student or car loans owed as well as any other loans taken out owing money to someone. Keep in mind that net worth doesn’t factor in income but instead provides an indicator of your overall financial health and can help set savings goals or determine whether debt reduction plans can be comfortably made. It can also show whether you’re prepared for major milestones like retirement.

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