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Felicity recruited Tina Boland after her partner was murdered by drug dealer Sonus and Oliver agreed to allow her on his team.

Early Life and Education

Oliver is an energetic eight-year-old boy who enjoys sports – especially football and Manchester City fans! In addition to football, his favourite activities are swimming, cycling and skating; although deafness prevents him from participating fully.

Oliver has drawn comparisons to Aaron Donald, the back-to-back NFL Defensive Player of the Year who shares his size and measurements. Like Donald, Oliver also has a knack for producing big plays – as evidenced by his interception return against James Madison that led directly to one of Hampton’s touchdowns.

Patty began working for Oliver’s in 1999 as a checker in Cotati before moving on to Montecito and Stony Point where she eventually assumed Office Manager duties in 2017.

Professional Career

After five years on Lian Yu, Oliver returns home to Starling City (renamed Arrow), using bow and arrow as his weapon of choice against crime as a vigilante. Soon afterwards he expands his circle of allies to include John Diggle and Felicity Smoak.

During the Invasion crossover, Oliver recruits his team’s help in stopping an alien invasion from Earth’s future. Alongside working on Arrow, Oliver works closely with children through ChildServe speech language pathologist Abbi Kay to achieve milestones in his feeding skills development.

Oliver also competes professionally in football for the Buffalo Bills as a defensive tackle, amassing 43 tackles and three sacks across 16 starts this year.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver has made numerous achievements and been honored with numerous honors during her life, such as receiving the Georgia Women of Achievement award and becoming the first African-American female to win a national MMA title.

During the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event, Oliver rejoined Team Arrow. He assisted Monitor with gathering heroes across multiverse to help prevent an impending crisis from developing further. For one mission involving Earth-2 Dark Archer retrieving dwarf star particles before watching as it was destroyed.

Once Oliver returned to Star City, he and Felicity created their own group dubbed the Vigilante. Working outside of the law, this vigilante group tackles criminals that police and courts cannot handle effectively.

Personal Life

Oliver, a 4-year-old boy with special needs, enjoys playing soccer, riding his bike and dribbling balls around his yard. Thanks to CHOP’s team and its network of family, friends, home care nursing and homecare nurses he is making great strides in his development.

As part of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, Oliver traveled to Star City 2046 in search of answers about The Monitor and eventually met Diggle, Laurel, Dinah Drake and Rene Ramirez – whom he apologized to about his run-in with Cayden’s criminal cabal; however they still distrusted him due to his arrogant and wounded pride.

After the events of “Invasion!,” Oliver reconciled with John Diggle and reformed Team Arrow. Oliver also joined forces with Legends against Dominator and Earth X invaders, helping defeat both.

Net Worth

Oliver currently earns an estimated annual salary of $700,000. Additionally, his Australian professional football club provides significant financial support to him and his team.

He has amassed an impressive resume of conference and national championship wins at four colleges during over 30 seasons coaching as head coach and is widely revered in both campus and community settings as a highly esteemed speaker.

Cassidy is well-known for her roles on Supernatural and Gossip Girl, so it should come as no surprise that she boasts an impressive net worth. Additionally, she can be found playing John Diggle (later dubbed Spartan) as Oliver Queen’s bodyguard and partner in crime-fighting on Arrow.

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