Oliver Whiting

Oliver Whiting on the Oliver Map

Oliver is a small town located in British Columbia’s South Okanagan Valley and best known for its “Big Siphon” canal which provides irrigation water to local farms and farmlands.

Local artist Larry Hunter is offering Oliver residents an eye-catching yet informative cartoon map as his labor of love as a semi-retired commercial artist.

Early Life and Education

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Joe “King” Oliver was one of the key figures in New Orleans jazz at the turn of the 20th Century, serving as mentor and creator of the Harmon trumpet mute. His group King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band became one of the first of its kind to become commercially successful recording bands.

Dr. Oliver serves as Kleberg Endowed Director of Conservation Genetics for San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, leading molecular genetic research and emerging efforts in genetic rescue to decrease extinction risk and restore biodiversity. Additionally, he specializes in cryobanking – collecting and preserving animal specimens through freezing.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

Oliver Whiting appears to have been an accomplished businessperson, successfully running his own import/export leather goods company and expanding it into new markets. Additionally, he was active in local politics by campaigning for the Liberal Party in Guildford & surrounding areas.

As a frequent visitor to the US, he forged a second career as a travel journalist and radio commentator, reaching new audiences via his weekly BBC radio shows entitled Around the World in 80 Days.

Traditions of pacifism and humanitarian care for all individuals – even during wartime – were deeply embedded into his Quaker values & beliefs, as was evidenced in his 1944-45 World maps which served as his own manifesto and blueprint for World Peace.

Net Worth

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Damien Oliver was an Australian horse jockey who is widely recognized as one of the greatest Melbourne Cup racers ever. A three-time winner, as well as winning Europa Point’s Golden Slipper race.

He went on to win other races and competitions throughout his career; however, was accused of placing a $10,000 bet on another horse to win one race which led him to be banned for eight months as punishment; although eventually managed to return and resume riding.

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