Oliver Shultz

Oliver Shultz, 41, Charged With War Crimes

Oliver Shultz, 41, has been charged with war crimes for allegedly killing an Afghan civilian during deployment to Afghanistan. This arrest marks a milestone in Australian military law as it marks the first serving or former soldier ever facing such allegations in court.

His wife reports that while they are managing well with Covid and MIS-C treatments, her husband is showing progress. For instance, being outside for some fresh air is something he now appreciates as a treat.

Early Life and Education

As soon as he graduated high school, Oliver started work for both a paper route and bakery before eventually joining the Air Force as an aircraft maintenance technician and eventually becoming a jet engine mechanic.

During this time, he also held volunteer jobs in both Rotary Club and Boy Scouts of America, teaching kids survival techniques like building igloos and cooking over open fires with Dutch ovens.

Oliver Shultz works across media to produce paintings that address issues of originality in an oversaturated world. He collaborates extensively, often working alongside writers such as Germano Celant or architects such as Frank Gehry. Oliver refers to their ongoing dialogue as the “duet”.

Professional Career

Former trooper Schultz is now facing war crimes charges following an investigation by the Office of Special Investigator, established after Brereton reported military misconduct in Afghanistan. Due to strong visual evidence including helmet-cam footage that depicted Schultz shooting Mohammad repeatedly as he lay wounded on an Uruzgan wheat field floor, this case has been expedited dramatically.

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Achievement and Honors

Oliver Shultz has experienced much hardship throughout his life, yet managed to turn everything around for good. His story can serve as an encouragement for artists struggling financially to remain persistent.

After graduating high school, he passed the necessary certification exams to become a teacher; however, his father realized it would place an impossible strain on their finances.

Tomorrow morning he will appear before Queanbeyan Local Court facing charges that he engaged in war crimes while serving with Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan. This is believed to be the first case since the Brereton report’s publication in November 2020.

Aimee states her goal for now is to gain as much information on MIS-C and any potential long-term effects it could have on Oliver, while raising money for research into it.

Personal Life

Oliver Schultz, an Australian Special Forces soldier, was arrested by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for his involvement in the death of an Afghan man in March 2020. This arrest marked a first for any current or former Australian Defence Force member; after conducting investigations of 39 unlawful killings of civilians or prisoners of war involving 19 ADF personnel involved, this charge came as a shock.

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Net Worth

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