Oliver 2050

The Oliver 2050 is a Versatile Workhorse

The Oliver 2050 was part of their 50 Series tractor lineup and could be purchased as either a Row Crop, Utility, or Wheatland model. Equipped with a Waukesha engine and an Over/Under Hydraul-Shift system.

Oliver was purchased by White Motor Co. at just the right time for Hercules Engine Company to develop this model, although no direct Oliver DNA survived with it.

Early Life and Education

Mike Kalsem is an exceptional collector and restorer of Oliver tractors with one of the largest collections anywhere. Additionally, he’s one of the most skilled operators around; regularly displaying them at events while giving talks about them as an expert in this field. He is highly respected among his peers.

In 1967, Oliver introduced their most powerful tractor in their 50 Series line – the 2150. Equipped with Waukesha D310T engines – Oliver’s first turbocharged models – it boasted a 310 cubic inch, 105 PTO horsepower six. As such it made it an exceptional competitor against both GM-powered 50Ts and Jimmys.

By 1968, White Motor Company had expanded beyond Oliver by purchasing Cockshutt in Canada and Minneapolis-Moline in the US – all brands eventually coming together under one common brand name: White.

Professional Career

Mike Kalsem doesn’t just collect Oliver tractors; he uses them too! A farmer all his life, Mike understands their value as workhorses to get any job done correctly. Mike’s 1969 Oliver 2050 with front-wheel assist is his go-to tractor for everyday farming tasks; its diesel engine powers an open operator station while an Oliver Hydraul-Shift transmission system offers 18 forward and six reverse gears ensure optimal performance in real world conditions; additionally it can operate backhoe attachments and backhoe attachments making it truly versatile workhorse that has been meticulously maintained over its many years of use!

Personal Life

Mike Kalsem is not only an avid collector, he uses his collection to help run his farm. One of his tractors, the Oliver 2050, built in 1968 and still in use today is still one of its kind – one of only the last fully Oliver-branded tractors built! Powered by either gas or diesel engine (Hercules 478 cubic inch diesel), it was Oliver’s most powerful tractor at the time; Hercules was owned by White Motor Company who recently bought out Cockshutt and Minneapolis-Moline before eventually standardization occurred within their brand names.

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