Oliver 1450

The Oliver 1450 Tractor

The Oliver 1450 replaced the 1250 as a mid range row crop model. Utilizing a Waukesha/Oliver 310 CID engine, it was available with gasoline, kerosene/distillate or diesel options.

He became York’s ally, playing an integral part in his successful campaign that culminated in London’s capture and the final battle at Tewkesbury (May 4, 1471). Following this he was made Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Professional Career

Chloe played an invaluable role in helping Oliver rediscover his purpose after falling down a dark hole. She used her experience and wisdom to assist in confronting Oliver’s demons and bring light back into his life.

Chloe worked tirelessly to revitalize Watchtower, infusing it with her geek chic style and Oliver’s green hero predilections. At times it appeared she was overwhelmed as she battled against Earth-1 memories that kept surfacing during this process.

Chloe helped Oliver escape when he was arrested by Tess Mercer and other Checkmate agents, lending her Queen Industries jet for use to locate Edward Teague and his attempts at fulfilling the Traveller prophecy. Chloe watched Earth-2 Oliver practice shooting with a bow and arrow at his apartment building while they joked that his shooting skills are improving thanks to her expanding womb containing their child.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver delighted in posing big questions, exploring different approaches to answering parts of them and discovering positive results while pushing past experimental barriers. He was the epitome of scientific inquiry who relished taking on its challenge whilst always looking for ways to simplify, reduce costs and enhance results.

Dr. Kim Oliver of Mary Our Queen Catholic School’s Class of 1998 has been selected to return and teach 3rd Grade this summer! We’re pleased she’s back and are looking forward to having her back as part of our teaching faculty!

Personal Life

Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) was a distinguished cavalry commander, commander of Parliament’s New Model Army and Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland. A descendent of Henry VIII’s great minister Thomas Cromwell, Oliver had strong links to Puritans in Essex through his marriage to Elizabeth Bourchier (daughter of a London merchant).

Cromwell Library stands as one of the premier collections of early American books today, including one signed by President John Adams himself as well as an exceptionally rare edition of Isaac Newton’s 98th Discourse. Unfortunately, its most valuable items were stolen twice during the American Revolution era with neither perpetrator ever being identified.

Net Worth

Cockshutt Company later became part of White, produced and sold the Oliver 1450 tractor from 1967-1969. Based on the Fiat 615 design, this four-cylinder tractor featured seven forward speeds and two reverse. Additionally, its four cylinder engine produced 55 PTO horsepower with seven forward gears and two reverse. A very heavy yet sturdy tractor designed for loaders, with power steering included as standard equipment from new. While popular at its time, these collectable machines now command thousands in values today.

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