Olive Queen

Olive Queen Olives

Giant olives make for the ideal centerpieces on any charcuterie board, adding salty briny flavor and adding visual appeal to platters of fresh fruit, artisan cheese and smoked meats.

A classic martini olive, this plump green olive is prepared in Spanish fashion with a quick bath of caustic soda or lye for de-bittering, then rinsed and fermented in natural sea salt brine before being packaged up and fermented for serving.

Early Life and Education

Olive was raised by her parents in a rural farmhouse near Waverly, Kansas. Their family farmed hogs, chickens and cows for income by selling off the meat produced on their farms as household income.

She began by experimenting with pickling olives herself. Working from sunrise to sunset, she would collect, wash and place olives in jars filled with water for pickling – her new product became an immediate success.

Though reconstructing crushing, pressing, and separation apparatus can be complex, these meager remains provide insight into olive oil production during antiquity. Coarse ware ceramic tubs with spouts have long been recognized as olive oil separators; here are examples from Myrtos and Gournia on Crete from the Late Bronze Age; similar examples can be found at Methana and Praisos as well.

Professional Career

Bring color and flavor to your meals with this jar of pitted green queen olives from New World Olive Company. Perfect for making tapenade or pairing cheeses on a charcuterie board, they also work perfectly as garnish for martinis and other beverages.

Pimiento-stuffed Spanish olives offer a meatier texture and milder olive flavor than Manzanilla varieties, making them the ideal snack or classy appetizer. Enjoy them alone, on top of a grilled cheese sandwich, or add them into a shaken or stirred martini for a satisfying nibble or fancy appetizer!

This variety has undergone a traditional Spanish cure that involves thorough washing, followed by fermentation for several months to impart rich olive flavor. Add them to your salad bar or deli for delicious add-ins or use as toppings on sandwiches and pasta dishes.

Achievement and Honors

Olive was recently honored for her contributions to professional business by receiving an MBE from Queen Elizabeth. Olive has spent 21 years as a Management Development Specialist and International Learning Development Consultant – volunteering her services both within her company and to her local community.

Queen Creek Olive Mill won the “Business of the Year” award in 2019. This prestigious recognition goes to companies who excel at customer service, sales and marketing activities, innovative products or services and contributing economically to their community.

Esporao olive oils capture the expression of their land by using native varieties grown organically on organic farms, while their boutique hotel and Olivespa offer all-natural skin and body treatments. AG Design Agency collaborated with Levantes Family Farm on creating its branding.

Personal Life

Olive Queen olives are grown on a microfarm located in Forestville in Sonoma County’s western hills, close to organic farms, vineyards, goat cheese producers, and award-winning wineries. With ideal climate and soil conditions for growing premium olives, it provides the ideal setting to produce these high quality fruits of labor.

Ehmann proved herself an effective leader during her rise, testing olive vats herself and treading wet floors in overshoes – refusing holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas and refusing to accept holidays such as them as part of her workday schedule.

Our pitted Spanish Queen olives are large, semi-firm olives with mild flavors enhanced by pimento filling. Perfect for simple appetizers or vegetable platters or just to add that special something in a martini. Cured in light brine to bring out their natural savory taste and enhance its full potential!

Net Worth

Olives are an easy snack or luxurious appetizer option. Packed with iron, vitamin E and copper as well as beneficial monounsaturated fats.

Use these juicy Spanish green olives stuffed with minced pimento for an explosion of flavor! Add these olives to salads, appetizer platters or martinis for a tasty treat!

These olives undergo what’s known as a traditional “Spanish cure,” in which they’re washed thoroughly before fermentation takes place – making them an essential staple of any Italian restaurant or sandwich shop.

Perry Rea wears many hats at Queen Creek Olive Mill: farmer, owner, master blender, sommelier, irrigator and quality inspector. He grows his own olives on 15 acres in both conventional and medium density groves; in addition he upholds family traditions by producing artisanal olive oil in small batches and selling it through distinctive dark bottles.

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