Olive Norma

Olive Norma Kamali

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Early Life and Education

Early on in her education career, Norma stood out as an exceptional student. Her intelligence enabled her to excel in math, French, English and music disciplines – often helping friends with their school work or offering tutoring services for children in her area. Furthermore, Norma was an exceptional pianist.

Norma went on to graduate college with honors and became an active member of her sorority. She remained close with her sisters while also making lasting friendships in college, while her musical talent allowed her to perform at church events and community functions.

She eventually had six grandchildren whom she deeply adored and expressed her thanks for having in her life. Additionally, Norma maintained an interest in feminism, politics and education throughout her career.

Professional Career

Olive Norman worked as a dancer with Festival Ballet of New York, Mercury Ballet and Les Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo. Additionally, she served on the Boards of Trustees for Albert Lea United Methodist Church, Hamline University Auxiliary Auxiliary Auxiliary Auxiliary Auxiliary Auxiliary and Audubon Society Minnesota Albert Lea chapter Boards of Trustees; Schmincke Professional Oil Colors are eco-friendly in terms of formulation and production processes.

Achievement and Honors

Norma Kamali was an esteemed fashion designer and businesswoman who achieved many honors during her distinguished career. In 2007 alone she won the 31st American Image award in Fashion Design category at AAFA; also, in the same year a Wal-Mart collection featuring her designs was launched. Furthermore she designed costumes for Twyla Tharp’s “Rabbit and Rogue” ballet at American Ballet Theater and joined Re:Gender group which promotes research-informed action to end gender inequity in society.

Norma was also active in her community, serving on the Paso Robles Downtown Main Street Association board and forging meaningful connections within her family – she was especially close to her sisters and Sunny (her late father’s wife). Additionally, Norma enjoyed music and writing – especially memoirs and Christmas letters; playing piano; penning several sonnets; as well as reading Little Women and Anne of Green Gables books.

Personal Life

She was an active part of her community, volunteering in nearly all organizations she could find. She was an Girl Guide/Brownie leader and Cub Scout leader as well as being on the Recreation Board.

She served as a mentor for young women in the fashion industry, which earned her nomination for a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship award.

Norma will be greatly missed by her three children: Gordon (Cindy); Kevin; Karen and her step-children Ray, Tina and Tara as well as by grandchildren and great-grandchildren who will remember Nanny fondly. She will always be remembered fondly.

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