Olive Headband

Olive Headband

Our soft olive headband offers a fashionable take on an iconic grade school accessory. Crafted from upcycled end-of-stock fabric, this wonderful accessory is both eco-friendly and eye-catching!

No matter whether you’re going for the Blair Waldorf vibe or simply want to add some flair to jeans and a t-shirt ensembles, a chic padded headband works wonders in keeping hair out of the face during skincare or makeup routines, as well as reducing friction for curly or kinky locks.

Early Life and Education

Origins of Olive Headbands in Ancient Greece | P.T. The olive headband can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where plants were used to fashion headpieces that served as symbols of achievement and status. Olympic winners received wreaths made from wild olive leaves called kotinos which was believed to have come from near Zeus’ temple at Olympia.

Salas initiated campus olive tree harvesting again in 2018 upon hearing from multiple groups on campus that they wanted it back. Students, staff, alumnae and community members all eagerly volunteered their services during that harvest which yielded over 1,500 pounds of olives! Since then, her olive harvest initiative has grown into an annual endeavor that benefits Scripps community members as well as beyond.

Achievement and Honors

One of the greatest honors a person can receive during their careers is being recognized with accolades and praise for their deeds, with their accomplishments becoming part of history for future generations to appreciate. This is especially true of athletes – their exploits enshrined for future generations’ enjoyment – like Olympic winners receiving olive wreaths to commemorate their victories as a mark of appreciation from their countries for honoring them with victory.

Personal Life

Are You Running Out the Door, or Need A No-Fuss Solution to Keep Your Hair Out? This olive headband will come in handy no matter the occasion! Constructed of soft satin material to minimize friction between kinky or curly locks and stylish headband, preventing breakage and snags while offering maximum smoothness for styling purposes. One piece headband wraps once around head for secure fitment, made in USA!

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