Olive Grace

Topher Grace and Olive Grace

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Early Life and Education

Olive graduated at the top of her class from Normandy High School in St. Louis and became the first female valedictorian ever to receive a scholarship from Washington University – previously only given out to boys. As she moved through life she became involved in organizing the Women’s Social Political Union and eventually made headlines when she threw a ball through King George V and Queen Mary’s window when they visited Scotland – eventually being arrested due to her activities and forced-fed during a hunger strike!

She faced many hardships but always kept an optimistic and cheerful disposition, ultimately moving to Seattle with her husband where she became active in the Lutheran Women’s Voting Union, serving in roles such as publications director, coordinator of phone volunteers, membership chair, administrative vice-president, columnist for their monthly newsletter and more.

Achievement and Honors

Olive Grace is an award-winning educator. Her students have excelled on standardized tests, while her school has been recognized for its academic programs. Olive has also received multiple accolades such as Conference Carolinas Presidential Honor Roll for Fall 2023 semester.

Olive Grace, founded by an alumna of University of Mount Olive in 2021, provides support to girls and young women by providing clothing and hygiene items when necessary.

Olive was born September 19th 1935 in Oungre Saskatchewan to Carl and Lily Buck. She loved fishing, gardening, baking cakes and decorating cookies – among many other hobbies – which made her much loved by both sides of her family: Garnet Anderson is survived by his late wife Joyce Anderson with their sons Rylan and Brad and Cindy Anderson’s Donavin Kyle Garrett as well as Brenda’s three boys Alex Fisher Logan as well as numerous brothers and sisters-in-law with their families.

Personal Life

Olive is a social media influencer who specializes in beauty and lifestyle content creation. She has recently expanded to fitness influencing as well and now maintains two Instagram accounts to cover this field – gainzwithgrace and slayedbygrace.

Grace is an active member of the Church of the Returned and provides assistance with many Callings. She often reassures Grace that Cal is alive by reminding her it’s their twin thing – saying they know one another well enough.

As Olive, aged 18 at the time of her Death Date arrival on Flight 828, arrives back to 2024 she is surprised when Cal doesn’t recognize her and starts developing a relationship. They soon start seeing each other more often but maintain an adversarial dynamic as Olive believes Cal let Angelina into the house to kill her mother.

Net Worth

Topher Grace has been acting for 23 years in both film and television, most notably as Eric Forman on That ’70s Show. Additionally, he voice acted for numerous movies and video games.

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