Olive Flowering

The Olive Flowering Stage

Flowering stage of an olive tree’s lifecycle is one of the most critical steps, as this process determines its harvest the following year.

Notably, olive pollination relies solely on wind. Therefore, cultivating hermaphrodite rapas can ensure a successful production.

Early Life and Education

The olive tree is an extremely versatile crop that can thrive in many different landscapes. Its elegant appearance lends it a formal charm; yet, its simple elliptic leaves also serve as windbreaks or hedges. Furthermore, its fruit and oil have numerous culinary uses, which can be enjoyed both raw or cooked up into various recipes. Furthermore, it requires little maintenance despite frost or drought damage – although frost damage should be monitored closely to maintain optimal growth conditions.

One of the key determinants of olive production is the percentage of axillary buds successfully transitioned to bloom and emerge in spring (i). This success depends on two parameters: number of newly formed buds during autumn/winter prior (n) and cold winter temperatures that induce flowering induction of preformed buds [18] both factors can be affected by fruit load accumulated over previous year(s).

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