Olive Fittings

Olive Fittings

Compression fittings offer heat-free pipe joining solutions, eliminating the need for welding and soldering on construction sites where no hot works permit is available or using naked flame is unsafe. They’re especially useful on sites without hot works permits that have no hot works permit available or on projects without access to an open flame source.

Olives (also referred to as ferrules) are the core component of compression joints. Made of either copper or brass, olives serve as sealants between nut and body of fitting; when tightened too tightly they may deform and cause leakage.

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Compression fittings are used in plumbing applications to connect pipe. They feature a main body designed to match the diameter of the pipe being joined and two threaded seats onto which a nut can be screwed, along with a barrel-shaped olive ring which compresses against its outer diameter when tightened, creating an airtight seal when tightened further.

Tighten the nut with two adjustable spanners or grips until it reaches your desired pressure. Be sure to cut square and without burrs before inserting olive and tightening nut.

Compression joints offer many advantages for DIY and emergency plumbing repairs, including no soldering or welding required, making them suitable for DIYers as well as emergency service providers. Furthermore, you can disassemble and reassemble compression fittings without damaging their pipe connection.

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Compression fittings operate by compressing an olive between two tapered surfaces – one on the body of a valve or connector and one on the pipe itself – using two clamping bars or jaws that press against two tapered surfaces on either end. Prior to fitting an olive, the pipe must first be cut square and lubricated, then tightened down using spanner and grips as quickly as possible with an adjustable wrench nut for secure connections.

As it’s essential that nuts don’t become overtightened, to prevent leakage of jointing compounds like Fernox LS-X can often help repair leakage issues caused by damaged pipe surfaces where they meet olives.

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Olives are used in compression fittings that provide a seal against fluids and gases escaping, creating an effective seal to stop them leaking out of pipes. No soldering or special tools are required for their installation; simply mechanically compressing an olive onto its pipe will eliminate any space between them.

Olives can be constructed of copper or brass and should be tailored to fit over the pipe it will cover. Their shape resembles that of a barrel with an outer diameter slightly greater than that of the pipe itself.

Emergency plumbers tend to favor copper olives over brass ones due to their ease of installation. To make the task simpler, it is advisable to use non-setting lubricant and sturdy grips when installing these types of fittings and turning the olives more smoothly without risk of pipe damage.

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Compression fittings are used in plumbing systems to connect tubes or thin-walled pipes without soldering, providing easy installation without the need to seal. They use a compression olive to form a seal between the pipe and body casting of the fitting – when tightened further it compresses this olive into its cone-shaped profile for an airtight seal and watertight seal.

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