olivada spread

Olivada Olive Tapenade

Olivada spread is an irresistibly delicious Mediterranean appetizer perfect for holiday entertaining, featuring briny Kalamata olives mixed with mild canned black olives and layers of other vibrant ingredients for an irresistibly refreshing holiday party snack. Don’t miss this essential appetizer on your appetizer table this holiday season.

Make this tasty olive spread vegan-friendly using pantry staples for an effortless vegan spread that you can use on bread, crackers, pasta sauce or even stirred into mashed potatoes!

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Matiz Organic Olivada is an exclusive organic Spanish tapenade made with Empeltre olives that boast fruity sweetness. This traditional Catalan olive spread will enhance any sandwich, cracker or fresh vegetable dish while pairing well with smoked fish dishes.

Olivada is similar to tapenade but without anchovies; it combines olives and other ingredients for an impressive platter. Brine-cured olives such as Greek Kalamatas or Spanish Manzanillas may be added, alongside capers, garlic cloves and lemon juice as popular additions.

To prepare Olivada, combine olives and capers in a food processor until evenly mixed. Stir in lemon juice, ground black pepper and crushed red pepper flakes before slowly drizzle in olive oil while continuing to pulse intermittently until everything has come together. Serve immediately alongside slices of French bread!

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Matiz Espana, based in Spain and offering specialty gourmet food items. Their olivada spread is composed of Empeltre olives, olive oil and salt; pure and simple it will liven up any sandwich, cracker or fresh vegetable dish! Perfect with cheese too; even pan-fried fish such as Halibut works wonderfully! You’ll find this at various gourmet markets but its preparation can easily be accomplished at home!

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Olivada is a traditional Mediterranean spread often enjoyed as an appetizer. Combining olives with capers, garlic and herbs to produce an irresistibly tasty spread reminiscent of tapenade (another Mediterranean staple).

An outstanding olivada requires using fresh, premium-quality ingredients. Most commonly, Greek brine-cured Kalamata olives are used; other varieties may also be employed. After being chopped up into bite-size chunks, additional ingredients such as roasted peppers or artichoke hearts may be added for additional flavor and texture.

Combine olives, capers and garlic cloves in a food processor and pulse them intermittently until well combined. Transfer mixture to a bowl and add lemon juice, crushed red pepper flakes and black pepper as needed before slowly drizzle in olive oil, mixing to incorporate.

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Olivada is an irresistibly delicious olive spread that pairs perfectly with various appetizers. Made by blending olives, garlic and other spices into a smooth paste, it can be found at many gourmet markets but is easy enough for anyone with access to a blender to create themselves at home.

Olive paste makes an excellent dip to pair with bread or crackers or as part of an appetizer platter or charcuterie board, or it can even be mixed into sauces and salad dressings to add an olive flavoring.

Olivada is a timeless Mediterranean dessert, perfectly complementing toasty crostinis as an elegant party appetizer or potluck dish. Plus, its portable nature makes it great for potlucks or picnics alike!

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