Oliva Pavers

Oliva Pavers Honor Military Servicemen and Women

On a recent evening, hundreds of people passed by 280 pavers bearing the names of people with Oliva family connections who served in the military. Kaat’s brother had worked hard so that he could attend this important ceremony and dedication event.

Septim A Olive pavers are rectangular and sleek with an untreated tumbled finish, offering endless design possibilities and being eco-friendly.

Achievement and Honors

On dedication day, visitors streamed through the memorial, reading the names engraved onto 280 pavers etched with names of Olivia-area service members who served in the military; three gave their lives. At its center is a central headstone with black granite benches and bronze statues to complete this impressive memorial.

Olivia Lewis of Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology received the Council of College Multicultural Leadership Way Pavers University Staff Award on April 9. As student advocacy specialist she works to advance diversity initiatives, hosting monthly scholar meetings for scholars to build networks at Penn State.

Shane has been judging olive oil since 2009 and table olives since 2010. As convenor of ‘Tastebook’ program – an innovative sensory professional development and training initiative dedicated to appreciating, describing and improving quality in extra virgin olive oils and table olives – Shane enjoys using sensory analysis to appreciate, describe and improve quality products such as extra virgin olive oils and table olives.

Personal Life

Olivia Hussey has become well-known for her roles in numerous iconic projects, such as Virus and It miniseries. In particular, Rosalie Otterbourne in It remains one of her most memorable performances and remains her signature character to this day.

Maria Pimentel, Oliva’s wife, reported receiving a phone call from him at 2:02 a.m. Sunday instructing her to be ready to take him home; when he didn’t show up she waited outside before going inside for him.

Pimentel explained her husband was an immigrant from Honduras who moved to Naples for a better life and to escape crime. She described him as a good husband who attended church regularly without getting into legal issues, worked hard at sending money home to his parents, and was an overall friendly individual.

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