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NVIDIA Test Engineer Salary

NVIDIA test engineer salaries are higher than average for similar jobs. They typically earn $142,449 a year, which is 69% above the national average. The data comes from 3 sources, including third-party submissions on Indeed. The minimum wage may vary by jurisdiction. In addition, the number of hours per week may vary.


Salary for an NVIDIA test engineer varies based on location. The highest-paid NVIDIA employee earns over $170,000 a year, while the lowest-paid NVIDIA employee earns over $119,500 a year. However, the average salary for this position may be lower if you live outside of California.

Nvidia offers a competitive salary based on years of experience and skills. Starting salaries range from $106,490 to $125,280, with the average base salary around $115,350. In addition, total cash compensation ranges from $110,740 to $131,350.

The average salary for an NVIDIA test engineer is $123,831 per year, plus a bonus of $12,216. This compensation level is 36% above the national average and depends on the level of education, experience, location, bonuses, and benefits. For more information, please visit Indeed’s salary database.

Job description

As a test engineer for NVIDIA, you’ll work on software projects involving GPU compilers, computer hardware, and operating systems. The performance of these tools is key to mobile gaming, deep learning, and self-driving cars. You’ll also work closely with developers to test performance and deep learning related features. You’ll also collect and classify failures, and build a repository of regression tests to ensure that the technology is performing as it should.

If you have extensive testing experience in the automotive and embedded markets, you might be interested in working with NVIDIA as a Reliability Test Engineer. The company’s portfolio includes embedded and consumer products, as well as graphics cards. The position also requires knowledge of NVIDIA architecture and previous partner management experience. Other responsibilities include providing onsite CM support for builds, reviewing early design feedback, and debugging complex hardware problems during the build phase.

After applying for an NVIDIA job, you’ll be asked to attend a screening interview. This can involve a video interview, a phone interview, or an on-site interview. This step is very important for you, since you’ll need to present your credentials and why you’re a good fit.

Salary range

Nvidia is a global company with a diverse range of opportunities. The company is known for producing high-quality products and is dedicated to excellence. The company has over 9,000 employees and multiple locations around the world. Its employees work to advance technology by creating products that will enhance the quality of life for consumers.

Salary ranges for different levels of NVIDIA employees can vary, but the average salary for an NVIDIA QA Tester is around $128,740 annually. Senior QAs earn about $120,000 per year, while QA Testers earn about $41,000 less than Architects.

An NVIDIA Test Engineer salary varies based on experience and location. Nvidia offers a competitive salary. The position requires a strong understanding of computer graphics, computer systems, and software. The job requires technical and soft skills, as well as a passion for the graphics technologies.

An NVIDIA Test Engineer can earn anywhere from $98,376 to $194,004, depending on the company’s size. The highest paid employee is a Principal Software Engineer earning $176,069 annually, while the lowest paid employee is a Design Verification Engineer making $119,526 per year.

Salary ranges for NVIDIA employees vary by location. The highest-paid employee is a distinguished engineer in California, and the lowest-paid employee works as a public relations specialist. The company also offers a competitive bonus package. If you are interested in joining NVIDIA, the following salary ranges can help you decide whether it’s the right career for you.

Vesting dates

There are several different types of vesting dates for a Nvidia test engineer position. One of these is known as the Restricted Stock Unit. This option vests over four years at a 25% annual rate. These units are subject to the Company’s 2016 Equity Incentive Plan and PSU agreement.

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