Noah Strickland

The Life of Noah Strickland

She enjoyed teaching children and was a faithful member of Englewood Christian Church for decades, as well as an avid reader.

Moss and Pavack could each receive six to 12 years in prison for their roles in the robbery and shooting death of Ramon-Lewis, who was shot in the head. Both cases have been transferred to juvenile court.

Early Life and Education

Noah Strickland is much-beloved by many in his circle. According to Sheronne Halsey, his singing always brings her cheer whenever she hears him sing something by Al Green or the O’Jays; when doing it for his mother he always checks his ego at the door! She describes him as someone who puts others before himself when singing for them – she says.

Bucks County officials announced Monday that the father of one of the teens involved in the botched drug deal-gone-wrong that led to Iziah Ramon Lewis’s death will face up to 18 months in prison for his role in tampering with weapons used during her murder, Stephen Strickland of Highland Drive in Perkasie is also facing up to one year probation and 200 hours of community service while Christopher Pavack and Carson Kimnach, both 19, face up to one year’s probation as part of this case.

Professional Career

Debra and Zak Jarabat were delighted to welcome Noah into their family, an adorable newborn with perfect fingers and toes. However, within days his breathing became labored.

Deva and her husband immediately took Deas to a hospital, only to learn he was suffering from hypoplastic left heart syndrome – a rare congenital condition in which the lower half of his heart fails to deliver oxygenated blood to all parts of his body.

As a child, Noah made regular trips to UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital as an annual visitor for years, often feeling as though his physicians were part of his extended family. Over time he learned from them and gained confidence that they could help him overcome any challenge that came his way.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

Noah Strickland loved family with all his heart. He was one of those rare individuals in this world who could put others before themselves and truly care about others without placing his ego before anyone.

He will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him, especially his wife Bri Hobbs and children Andersen and Jaxsen.

Moss, Pavack and Strickland drove to Second Street Park in Perkasie after previously setting up their pot deal via text with Ramon-Lewis via Kimnach’s car as getaway driver. Once at the park, the trio armed themselves with two handguns: a Glock pistol owned by Strickland’s father as well as another.22 caliber weapon.

Net Worth

Josh Strickland has established himself as a popular entertainer and is recognized by many for his captivating live performances, ticket sales and album releases. Josh’s beautiful voice and remarkable performances have become known throughout the industry and his reputation continues to grow.

He has donated much of his time and talent to help many in need, particularly Kyrie Irving with his career development.

Strickland is married and has one daughter. As an extremely private individual, he does not discuss any details of his personal life with media outlets – though he did purchase a luxury condo for $608,000. Strickland enjoys close ties to his family members.

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