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How to Find the Perfect Nintendo Poster

I love to collect Nintendo posters. They are a great way to remind myself of the games I love. My collection contains many classic and new releases. I even have a few framed ones that I use as decoration. They are great for the home or office. But, how can I find the perfect one?

Re: nintendo posters

Whether you’re nostalgic for the days of the Super Nintendo, the Nintendo Power, or even the original Gameboy, retro Nintendo posters will rekindle memories of the past. These unique works of art are printed on glossy vinyl paper and are created using solvent ink. Some designs measure as small as 24″ by 14″ while others are as large as 45″ wide. Retro Nintendo posters are great gifts for fans of the Nintendo brand.

As a reward for earning platinum points on MyNintendo, the Japanese gaming giant has revealed three posters, all of which feature art from classic N64 games. The first poster, titled “Ocarina of Time,” features multiple characters from the game. It is designed by Yusuke Nakano, an illustrator who has worked on the Legend of Zelda series, including Link’s Awakening.

The poster is made of glossy paper and is 70x50cm in size. The posters are shipped rolled up in a box. To flatten them out, place heavy books on their edges or corners. Once the posters are flattened, they should be safe to hang. Just make sure you have a sturdy wall or ceiling to hang them.

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