Nina Dobrev Stretch Marks

Nina Dobrev Stretch Marks

Keeping fit is a big part of Nina Dobrev’s lifestyle. The Vampire Diaries star says that she works out at least five times a week. She also relies on supplements and a clean diet to keep her body in tip top shape. Besides working out, Nina loves traveling and spending time with family and friends. One of her recent adventures was taking a trip to Costa Rica with her sister Kelsey. In fact, Nina and Kelsey are besties in real life. They went on a mini vacation, complete with a snorkeling trip.

Aside from Nina’s fitness routine, the actress has been showing off her fashion sense in the past few weeks. In her latest Instagram post, she sported a cute outfit that included a matching gold necklace. Her hair was cut short and styled in a straight line. The actress also put her signature curves on display with a navy blue sports bra and a matching tee. Other than her impressive physique, she also wore a mask to keep her breathing fresh.

Although she hasn’t shared a lot on social media recently, fans are hopeful that the actress is on the mend. Her Instagram profile shows that she’s now back home. And though Nina hasn’t made many public appearances, she has shared photos with fans and colleagues. Many have taken to Twitter to express their delight and to ask when she’s coming home. It’s a relief to know that Nina Dobrev is back to her old self. Whether or not she will be able to return to her former role is another story, but the actress has been keeping busy with other endeavors. As for her health, the actress recently had to make a hospital visit. According to reports, she was diagnosed with allergies. Fortunately, Nina was well cared for by her friend Julianne.

In addition to her workout regimen, the actress is a fan of yoga and other forms of holistic medicine. Nina has incorporated hip opening stretches into her routine. Moreover, the actress uses a variety of exercise modalities, including resistance training and core work. Additionally, she is a brand ambassador for Les Mills’ workout line.

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