Nikki And Angelina Fight

Nikki Hall Gets Involved In A Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Fight

The drama of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation continues in this week’s episode. It seems that Pauly “Pauly D” DelVecchio and Angelina Pivarnick still have a difference of opinion. This time, Nikki Hall was involved in the fight, too.

On last week’s episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Nikki and Angelina ended up in a fight. Nikki had already had a confrontation with Pauly D, who broke down the door. But Nikki was also the one who threw water at Angelina. Although it was a prank, fans aren’t pleased. They thought that Nikki was overreacting.

After the incident, Angelina apologized to Nikki. She also wanted to know why she threw the wine bottle. Apparently, it was a bet between Vinny and Angelina. According to the Jersey Shore star, she had no water in her hands when she did it. At first, Angelina claimed that she was joking, but later said that she was being vindictive.

In the confessional, Angelina was able to see Vinny’s second story. She was angry with Vinny, but she was also jealous of him. Therefore, she was going to retaliate. However, she was too late. Eventually, she got caught in the crossfire.

Afterward, Pauly decided to use Nikki as a trump card. When she came to dinner with the roommates, he started talking about what he’s up to and using her. He then gave her a list of words that trigger his anger. As a result, she’s not able to handle what he’s doing. So he decides to break her down.

Later on, the two roomies went to bed. However, a lot of people were upset with the edit. They thought that Angelina was wrong about what she did.

Deena Cortese and Chris Buckner tried to calm Angelina down. However, she got upset again. And, she locked herself in the confessional.

The group of cast members then threw t-shirts at Vinny. This led to a group fight. Nikki, who is a fan of the show, had a good reason to get upset. For starters, she is the only original Jersey Shore girl. Not only that, but she had just returned from hospital, with an inflamed intestine. That, plus the beef from the divorce, made her more paranoid.

The Jersey Shore cast members have been at odds throughout the show’s five seasons, but this fight isn’t the only thing that’s keeping them at odds. Fans aren’t sure what to expect in the next episode. What they do know is that the season is set to be filled with drama. If you’re interested in watching the episode, you can watch it on MTV every Thursday at 8 pm ET.

It looks like the second half of season five will be filled with more conflict than we’ve seen so far. Are You The One? is the title of the new episode that’s premiering on Paramount+ on January 18. Is it going to be a continuation of the drama that we’ve been seeing on this season?

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