Niecy Baps Halloween Costume

The Nicky Baps Halloween Costume is Sure to Be a Hit

Among the myriad Halloween costumes on display at the Manhattan hotel, this one is sure to be a hit with a crowd. The color scheme is a riot and the costume itself is a true show of talent. The only problem is the timing, as the ghouls are bound to arrive in force on the heels of the previous occupants. Fortunately, the hotel is a short walk from the nearest subway stop. As a bonus, guests will have a chance to see their favorite celebrities in action. Whether or not they stay is yet another matter.

The hotel also hosts the annual Halloween bash for the lucky few, with a fancy dress code to boot. While the event isn’t as formal as its big sibling, attendees will be treated to a slew of fun activities and a good time. Those lucky enough to make the cut will be treated to a scavenger hunt courtesy of the hotel’s valet service. The best part of the experience is the ability to rub elbows with celebrity guests and a few of the hotel’s resident slackers.

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