Nicholas Thomas

Meet Nicholas Thomas

Nic is a family nurse practitioner at Horizon Health’s Paris Clinic and enjoys working with diverse populations, as well as being proficient with remote patient monitoring and mobile integrated healthcare delivery.

Nicholas was born at Troed-y-rhiw near Trefgarn Chapel in Solva, Pembrokeshire and attended Lancashire College, Manchester University, Germany, Stroud and Eignbrook congregational churches before being appointed Professor of Biblical Literature, Mental & Moral Science by King.

Early Life and Education

Nick Thomas was born in Leeds, England. Raised in the industrial North of the country and attending Tadcaster Grammar School. A graduate from University of Manchester with studies at Conservatoire de Paris.

Nicholas Thomas is an anthropologist and historian, having published books on Pacific art as well as Captain Cook’s journeys. Additionally, he has held roles at museums and archives in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Pacific region.

Horizon Health’s Paris Clinic employs him as a family nurse practitioner with extensive experience in emergency and prehospital care as well as family practice and primary care. He takes great pleasure in providing excellent, impartial care for his patients as an advocate of patients and families alike.

Professional Career

Nicholas Thomas has been practicing music professionally for 22 years. Currently he serves as Cathedral Music Director/Organist at St. Raymond’s Cathedral in Joliet, Illinois where he directs their Cathedral Choir and Concert Series as well as being principal organist and cantor for the Joliet Diocese.

He is the author of several books on Oceanic art and culture, such as Entangled Objects. Additionally, he has organized exhibits at museums worldwide as well as collaborated with artists on cross-cultural art history projects. Additionally, Trinity College, Cambridge has recognized him with their fellowship.

At Horizon Health’s Paris Clinic, he serves as a family nurse practitioner. With extensive experience caring for those with complex needs and in emergency medicine/prehospital care settings, he provides care that goes far beyond mere nursing practice.

Achievement and Honors

Nicolas Thomas is an innovative leader who understands the needs and preferences of today’s Gen-Y hospitality employees and how best to connect them with industry leaders. He has demonstrated success at using partnerships to develop online undergraduate and graduate programs while creating real-world learning opportunities.

Nicola’s work explores the historiography of objects and events, investigating how history is constructed and re-evaluated. Her use of various media to create complex images that challenge historical narratives resides both at V&A Special Print Collection as well as Chelsea College of Art & Design Artists Books Collection.

High Point University basketball student… Avg 8.5 points, 2.9 rebounds and 1.5 assists per game as a freshman… Led team to 30-0 record… Earned all-state honorable mention in both sports… Also participated in track & field and volleyball… Member of National Honor Society

Personal Life

Thomas places great value in his family life. He is married to DJ Collet and they share two children: Nolan River and Zoe Dylan – Zoe is also known for singing and composing her own music!

Thomas has become widely known for his roles as Henry Rowengartner from Rookie of the Year, Walt Disney from Walt Before Mickey and Kevin from American Pie film series. Additionally he recently appeared in 2021 movie Adverse alongside Mickey Rourke.

Thomas was shot and killed by Smyrna police officer Kenneth Owens at Bob McDonald Goodyear in Vinings on March 24, 2018 after engaging in violent behavior that required forceful measures from officers. A Cobb County grand jury has since determined Owens’ use of force was justified; police released footage showing Thomas jumping into a customer Maserati and driving it toward officers in order to escape capture.

Net Worth

Nicholas Thomas Del Franco is an entrepreneurial business leader who owns multiple companies spanning across a wide range of sectors, such as farming, dog food manufacturing, nutrition and business consulting. After graduating high school in Bridgewater Raritan and enrolling at Lynn University Boca Raton Florida to study International Business.

He and Sandra Jane Thomas share two daughters together – Verity Thomas and Christie Thomas. Together they own and operate Qdos Entertainment Ltd – the world’s leading pantomime producer.

He is worth an estimated net worth of $3 Million and best known for playing Henry Rowengartner from Rookie of the Year and Walt Disney from Walt Before Mickey as well as Kevin Myers in American Pie film series. Additionally, he starred alongside Mickey Rourke in 2021 film Adverse as well as being a Christian with modest lifestyle choices.

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