New Vegas Crashed Vertibird

Fallout New Vegas – The Crashed Vertibird

The Enclave Vertibird is a crashed vertibird that can be found on the Fallout website, The site features a variety of pictures and information about the crashing vertibird. It’s a great way to see the crash in action without having to go to Vegas.

In Fallout: New Vegas, a crash site containing a crashed Vertibird is found in the Mojave Desert. In the game, a rotor malfunction is the cause of the crash. A character named “Vertibird Pilot” is also found at the crash site, but she wasn’t placed there during development. The vertibird also contains a red sector keycard, which is a reference to the yellow reactor keycard.

The Crashed Vertibird can be found west of the Repconn Museum. Power Armor that does not have faction ties is extremely rare in Fallout: New Vegas. However, it’s possible to find a piece of Enclave Power Armor in this location.

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