New Tft Patch

The New TFT Patch

The upcoming new TFT patch will introduce a ton of new features. This update will bring new champions, traits, and augments. It’s important to review the patch notes so you’ll know what to expect. These changes will significantly change the meta in the game. This patch will be released on September 30, 2020.

The patch is being called ‘fun’, and it includes the biggest balance changes in TFT’s history. Previous ‘for fun’ patches have mostly focused on three-star champion buffs or chase trait buffs, but this new patch contains a massive number of nerfs and buffs. The Morellonomicon, for instance, has had its health burn reduced from 20 to 10.

Other changes that have impacted the game are a decrease in Orianna’s health. The new patch also decreased the damage buff she receives from her spells. She’s also no longer able to deal true damage, which is bad news for her Whispers comp. The new patch will also make her a bit tankier, which is good news for her.

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