New Dead By Daylight Update

Dead by Daylight Update

The new Dead by Daylight update is available now and comes with a number of changes for players. There are some killer buffs and visual updates to the game, as well as rebalances for the game’s perk system. Read on to learn more about the changes. The update also includes new map settings and tutorial bot matches.

The Dead by Daylight update is available today for all platforms. This new version brings the game up to version 5.6.2 and brings a number of bug fixes and improvements. The patch goes live at 11AM ET/ 3PM GMT and will require players to download it. For more details, see the official patch notes.

Another change in the new Dead by Daylight update affects the game’s Flashlight. The new version slows down the speed at which the flashlight clicks, which should prevent players from experiencing flashing-light seizures. Additionally, the Flashlight’s sound effect has been adjusted to reduce strobes. Other fixes include bug fixes, improvements to the game’s gameplay, and fixes for both the Steam and Xbox One versions.

The new Dead By Daylight update also brings a Twisted Masquerade celebration, which starts at 11:30 AM ET today. It also includes new cosmetic items for players. It also includes a new event for the Bloodhunt weekend that begins on February 14. A number of bugs and other issues have been fixed as well, including the lag in the loadout menu and an issue with the Survivors crawl speed. Additionally, the game will no longer crash when teleporting as The Dredge.

The new Dead by Daylight update is a significant update for the game. It brings a number of features, including a few changes to the online forums. In addition to this, it includes custom SFX intros for each map. Additionally, the new update improves detection of modified game files, and resets the Daily Ritual tracking system.

Another change in the game is a new limited-time Halloween event called “Haunted by Daylight.” This event will add new daily rewards to players, as well as new merchandise. Another new store update will introduce more items, including a Resident Evil 5-themed Albert Wesker skin.

The new Dead by Daylight update also brings new perks and characters to the game. There are now six new killers available, and each of these characters has unique perks. Survivors can also try a new Killer, who is named Albert Wesker. Albert Wesker’s perk makes the survivor perform a fast vault within eight meters. This perk has a 30 second cooldown.

In addition to new gear, the new Dead by Daylight update also fixes several bugs and adds some new ones. The Deathslinger can no longer pick up a downed Survivor sitting on a log in the Garden of Joy. Additionally, the saboteurs no longer show their hook auras in their lockers.

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