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Eric Church Net Worth

Eric Church is a country music singer who is known for his enchanting voice. He is six feet two inches tall and has two children. He also has a side business selling furniture. You might be curious as to how much he is worth. To find out, read on. This article will provide you with information about his net worth.

Eric Church is a country music singer

Eric Church is a country singer and songwriter. He was born in Granite Falls, North Carolina. He has two siblings, and he was very close to his grandfather, who was the town’s police chief. While he was a youngster, he wrote songs and sang in front of a microphone. Church is a citizen of the United States, but he is of Greek ancestry.

Eric Church has been touring nonstop since 2006. Most of his income is generated from ticket sales. As of 2017, he earned $26 million. For 2019, his net worth is expected to reach $30 million. Eric Church has also appeared on numerous TV shows and has several albums out.

After graduating from college, Eric Church decided to pursue a career in music. He moved to Nashville and started performing cover songs. In 2006, he was invited to perform at the Grand Ole Opry. Since then, he has gained a loyal fan base, which he refers to as the Church Choir. He has won three CMA awards and two Album of the Year awards.

He is 6 feet 2 inches tall

Eric Church is a popular country singer and songwriter. His net worth depends on his albums, concerts and tours. He has a burgeoning charity work and is a founding member of a non-profit organization, Chief Cares Fund. He is a tall man with an athletic body build. He has dark brown eyes and light brown hair.

Eric Church was born on the third of May 1977 in Granite Falls, North Carolina. His father is a musician named Ken Church, which means “bird of prey.” He was a teenager when he began singing Jimmy Buffett covers and has been a professional country singer since 2000. Church is also a father and has a sister, Kendra.

Eric Church’s parents are Rita Barlow and Ken Church. He attended South Caldwell High School in Hudson, North Carolina. Later, he attended Appalachian State University in Boone. He is a Taurus and has toured extensively.

He has two children

Grammy Award-winning country singer Eric Church is now a father to two boys. Church and his wife, Katherine Blasingame, were married in 2008, and they welcomed their first child in 2011. The couple is also the proud parents of a toddler, Boone McCoy Church, who was born on October 3, 2011. Boone made an impact on the family even before he was a year old.

Eric Church’s music career began at an early age, when he bought his first guitar at the age of 13. In high school, he began writing songs, and later formed a band with his college roommate. They played local bars and restaurants in the area. Later, Church met Katherine Blasingame, a music publisher who had been in the music business for much longer than Church had. The two eventually became engaged, but the engagement was called off after Church’s father decided not to support his musical career.

The country singer recently performed at the Grammys. He has also been nominated for four Academy of Country Music Awards, including male vocalist of the year. His album, ‘Chief’, has garnered critical acclaim. Church also has a massive following, which he calls the “Church Choir.”

He has a side business selling furniture

Country music star Eric Church is entering the home furnishings business, launching his Highway to Home line of furniture. The line will be available in select retail outlets and RoomsToGo stores. It will include bedroom and dining room pieces, accent pieces, and upholstery pieces. Church is the son of a former executive in the upholstery industry. He studied at Appalachian State University and graduated with a degree in marketing.

In 2016, Eric Church decided to launch his own furniture line. The business, called Highway to Home, focuses on affordable furniture. While his main income comes from tours, his furniture line is a side business that he hopes to grow. He has also written for other artists and hopes to return to the tour circuit when it’s safe for a concert audience.

Eric Church has always loved being outdoors. He grew up in a small town in North Carolina, and his grandfather was the head of the local police department. The family owned 100 acres and Eric spent much of his time exploring and playing with the animals. His father worked in the furniture business while his mother taught kindergarten. Church’s musical interests began when he was just 13 years old. His father supported his ambitions and encouraged him to pursue a music career. He released his first album, Sinners Like Me, in 2006, and has since sold over 4.5 million albums.

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