Nba Finals 2022 – Best Sights And Sounds From Celtics-warriors

NBA Finals 2022 – Best Sights and Sounds From the Celtics-Warriors Series

For most of the NBA Finals, it has been a back and forth series. Through the first four games, Boston and Golden State have had alternating wins and losses. Both teams have used Steph Curry’s outstanding play to their advantage, but Boston has a better balance of offense & defense.

During Game 1, the Warriors went all out with their drinks and snacks. There were chicken waffle cones, souvenir cups with beer and wine, and stone-fruit old fashioned cocktails. Some boxes even had popcorn bars.

The Warriors continued their tradition of playing local music during shootaround. The Warriors played “Can You Stand to the Rain” by New Edition in Game 4. During Game 6, Curry scored 43 points and grabbed 10 rebounds. Klay Thompson is a veteran playoff player and has had success in Game 6s. Jordan Poole wore his 2011 NBA Draft shirt.

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