Myke Towers Payne Arena

Myke Towers at the Payne Arena

One of the best ways to see Myke Towers in the flesh is to head to Brownsville, Texas and catch him live at the Payne Arena. He’ll also be stopping in Las Vegas, Austin, and Denver along the way. The tour will wrap up November 17th in the desert city of Las Vegas. This will be Myke Towers first time performing in North America and he is certainly making the most of it.

It’s been over two years since we last heard from the Texan. Myke Towers is one of the biggest names in rap and will be showcasing his wares on a grand scale. As of now, he’s got plans to tour Europe in 2021. His list of dates includes twenty cities in sixteen countries. Some of the bigger hitters include New York City and Los Angeles. Those lucky enough to catch his performance in person will get a good deal on the ticket. Aside from his live shows, the star of the show will also be in the flesh, participating in conversations with his peers and fans alike.

On a related note, his new album is not only a must listen, it’s the best release of the year so far. To top things off, the band is announcing a new album, titled Lyke Mike. They are currently touring the states but will take the stage in Europe starting in February. From the looks of it, their tour will include the usual suspects plus a few more notable names. If you’re in the mood for a night out on the town, check out the list below and you might just find yourself a new favorite rap act. Until next time, happy touring! Ticket prices can be found online at Ticketmaster, LiveNation, or your local arena. Just be sure to look for the best deals on the day of the show, and you’ll be able to rock Myke’s new material. Alternatively, you can buy tickets at the box office on the day of the show, but be prepared for long lines!

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