Molly Yeh Feta Red Pepper Dip

Molly Yeh’s Midwestern Comfort Foods With a Twist

Whether you’re looking for a pregame meal for the big game, a sweet treat for a special occasion, or something to satisfy a crowd at your next potluck, Molly Yeh has got you covered. She makes Midwestern comfort foods with a twist, from crispy fried feta pitas to sauerkraut pancakes. Here are some of her favorite recipes to keep your mouth watering.

In between cooking for the farm and preparing for her husband’s welding class, Molly Yeh creates her own version of her husband’s Mexican favorites. Her recipe for Meatball Sliders with a Twist uses falafel spices and is topped with a chimichurri sauce. Then she makes the most of her harvest by finishing it off with a delicious Plum Hazelnut Kugel.

For a brunch that’s both fun and filling, Molly Yeh’s menu includes grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed with everything bagel seasoning, Brussels Sprout and Bacon Hash, Creamy Homemade Hummus, and a tangy tomato green bean salad. There are even Frozen Mint Lemonades to enjoy, and her peanut butter miso caramel ice cream sandwiches are a crowd pleaser.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for childhood, try one of Molly Yeh’s childhood favorites. Her Peanut Butter Krispy Rice Squares, for example, are a nod to the comforting childhood snack that you probably haven’t tried for yourself. Or try her delicious Chicken Alfredo Lasagna. Featuring a wheat crust, it’s an indulgent dinner with a twist.

As the weather starts to warm up, Molly Yeh begins planning her spring farm spread. Her menu will include a tangy tomato green bean salad and a citrus and greens salad. She’ll also have a couscous salad with pistachios for a picnic. You can find a recipe for Fizzy Rock Potato Chips to go along with the salad, too.

On the flip side of the coin, you can’t beat a good midwestern meal. The menu for a family brunch features hammy hot dish, a tangy tomato green bean salad, and creamy navy bean dip. It also includes grilled corn on the cob and kimchi mayo. And don’t forget the homemade chili potato chips!

At the farm, Molly Yeh prepares a feast for her sister Jenna. After a visit to Girl Meets Farm, she and her sister are making a Greek-inspired meal, featuring colorful starters. She’s also bringing her favorite tailgating foods, such as a creamy roasted red cabbage and bacon-hasselback sweet potatoes.

Besides cooking for her family, Molly Yeh is also teaching her husband Nick welding lessons. They’re working on a few projects together on the farm. In between, she’s also baking for a cookie swap. Her friends can’t wait to participate. One of the best parts of the cookie swap is when they get to trade their baked goods.

If you’re a fan of Middle Eastern and Israeli food, you’ll love Home Is Where the Eggs Are, which features a collection of Israeli breakfasts and piles of chopped veggies. This book keeps well for two to three days.

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