Michael Jackson Grammy Jacket

The Grammy Museum Presents A Special Exhibit Of Michael Jackson’s Wardrobe

In honor of the late legend Michael Jackson, the Grammy Museum is currently staging a special exhibit of the singer’s wardrobe. The collection includes his iconic Thriller jacket. This particular garment has been on loan to the museum from the family of the late pop legend, and has become a popular fundraiser for charities.

It is not surprising that the Thriller video changed the way people look at music videos. This video is one of the most influential video’s of all time and paved the way for an entire generation of pop culture in the 1980s. Despite its short run, it was voted the “greatest music video of all time” by Rolling Stone magazine in 2011.

Michael Jackson received several awards for his talent, and his style was no exception. He was also known to wear several interesting items of clothing. His famous Thriller jacket, made by the renowned tailor Verret, was the perfect example. The famous singer’s infamous red leather jacket is considered by record executives to be one of the most important pieces of fashion history.

Although the Thriller jacket is not the only piece of clothing worn by the superstar, it is considered to be the most famous. The Thriller album, produced by Quincy Jones, is regarded as one of the most successful albums of all time. Despite its early success, the album has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide.

Another important item of apparel worn by the King of Pop is his iconic “Bad” shirt. He wore this on the Bad Tour Concert, which began in 1987. One of the hottest hits from this album was the hit song, “Will You Be There.” Will You Be There stayed on the UK’s top 40 for six weeks.

The best piece of clothing worn by the singer during his concerts, however, was his varsity jacket. This jacket was inspired by the Thriller album and he wore it during his performance.

The jacket has a erect collar and button closure. It is studded with faux pearls and is lined with a soft viscose lining. It is machine washable.

The “Video Music Award” is presented by cable channel MTV. A similar award was given to Michael Jackson for his Thriller video. These awards are given on the basis of the best music from previous years.

Other memorable pieces of clothing worn by the legendary singer include the teaser military jacket and the Elizabeth Taylor tribute. Both of these were worn during his concert tours. During the Victory Tour, which took place in 1984, the singer donned a varsity jacket, the “Teaser Military” and the “Elizabeth Taylor Tribute”.

Regardless of what you choose to wear, you can be sure that you will be making a statement. The world-famous singer was a dancer and a talented musician, but his style is what will stick in your memory. With a collection of more than a thousand clothing items, the Grammy Museum’s display of Jackson’s wardrobe is the most comprehensive in the country.

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