Melissa Gorga Bryan Bowen

Melissa Gorga and Bryan Bowen Affair

The recent Melissa Gorga and Bryan Bowen affair has been in the spotlight of late. The couple have been rumored to have had a four-year romance prior to their marriage. It was not clear exactly how they met. They have not officially addressed the subject in the media. However, they did get married in August 2004. In January of this year, it was alleged that they had slept together.

This is a pretty big deal. It is a fact that Bryan “Bulldog” Bowen and Melissa Gorga have been known to frequent one another’s social media pages. Although they have not made a public appearance since 2013, they have been together for a considerable amount of time.

Bryan “Bulldog” Bowen has made numerous claims about his relationship with Melissa Gorga. One of them claims that she was a virgin when she dated him. Another one claims that she was laying down with him while dating Joe. Yet another claims that she underwent plastic surgery.

On the flip side, Joe Gorga refuted the claims. He has defended his wife numerous times. He believes that she is being targeted by troublemakers. As a result, he opened a hair salon in Rockaway, N.J. called Sizzle Tans.

Despite the fact that Joe Gorga isn’t as happy as he once was, he is still willing to defend his wife. But now, she is in danger of becoming a target. She is said to be being targeted because of her relationship with Bryan. And according to sources, she has a lot to gain from her relationship with him.

The Melissa Gorga and Bryan Bowen affair was certainly a hot topic in 2013. Among other claims, Melissa Gorga claimed that she had a “funny” encounter with Bryan Bowen at a restaurant. According to her, the owner of the place asked for her phone number. She claimed that she did not share the information with him.

For her part, Melissa Gorga is quite clear that her relationship with Joe Gorga is still strong and that she has not had any flings with anyone else. Nonetheless, she has faced many rumors and is considered a target in the media. Some say she’s an exotic dancer, while others say she was once employed at a gentleman’s club in New Jersey.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been a major source of attention for the Gorga family. Their names have been mentioned in several high-profile scandals. Several of the cast members have been accused of cheating on their spouses. In addition, the show has been criticized for portraying a sleazy lifestyle. Many cast members have had to reprimand their spouses for their poor behavior. So, who knows if the rumors that they cheated are true.

The Real Housewives of New York also had their fair share of scandals, including the strippergate, in which a member of the cast was allegedly sex with a former employee of the show. That incident drew attention and a number of women were allegedly harmed.

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