Melinda Adam

Melinda Adam

Melinda Adam was an esteemed and dedicated citizen of Gloucester. She served her community through various means, such as volunteering at The Open Door Food Pantry and following her dream to pursue physical therapy.

She has provided contract services through the Missouri Department of Social Services – Children Division to families.

Early Life and Education

Melinda Lee Adam PT, DPT, OCS was an ardent champion of her community. She served on numerous committees and boards while dedicating herself to empowering others through education and service – she even founded Coalition of Essential Schools and Children Now!

At Haskell Indian Nations University, she developed research and curriculum blending Indigenous knowledge with Western science while mentoring Native students from over 130 Tribal Nations across the nation. Her interdisciplinary scholarship encompasses pyrogeography, biogeography, Indigenous Environmental Science pedagogy as well as social-cultural ecological studies pedagogy and methodology.

Speaker Adams served as Chair of Queens Community Board 12, working tirelessly to promote local equity, housing and economic opportunities in southeast Queens. She secured record funding levels to support those most in need in her borough.

Professional Career

Melinda Adams earned her Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin Madison with specializations in comparative politics and international relations, with an emphasis on gender politics in West Africa. Her articles have appeared in Politics & Gender, the Journal of Women Studies, Politics & Policy Review and Governance journals.

Physical Therapist by profession, she touched thousands of lives through her work. A graduate of Wakefield high school and Northeastern University, she then went on to lead top tier physical therapy programs at Addison Gilbert Hospital and Beverly hospital.

Melinda serves as the lead unit supervisor at the District 1 satellite office in Maryville, Missouri; covering Atchison, Gentry, Worth, Nodaway Andrew Buchanan Counties. In her role, she reviews reports for submission to courts and parole boards as well as overseeing daily operations of the office.

Personal Life

Melinda was an outstanding member of her community, from playing Cribbage at Wakefield Country Club or helping out at The Open Door food pantry, to physical therapy at Cape Ann YMCA Gloucester – she will be deeply missed by all those she knew and cared about.

Net Worth

Melinda Adams does not reveal her exact net worth; however, it’s clear she owns numerous assets to her name. Through acting and business ventures she has amassed significant wealth.

Melinda is an assured and assertive businesswoman who knows her mind. An expert in financial matters, Melinda also boasts an effective investment strategy; however, at times she can become too self-absorbed or escalate issues, driving away partners in the past.

Melinda is committed to her beauty business Feather Sisters. Recently she posted an Instagram video (opens in new tab) of herself demonstrating one of their eyebrow products and has even recruited Caitlin McConville from MAFS as a senior technician for Feather Sisters.

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